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Celebrating Friends & Family


In honor of Brendan

In honor of my new adopted KBT Brendan. From Peter Tunney

In honor of Miss Lacey

In Honor of Miss Lacey and the fourth anniversary of her joining us in her new forever home. She has been a delight and our participation in the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation’s Rescue Program has been an extremely rewarding experience. We want to thank everyone who was connected to the Rescue Program in 2013 and we especially would like to thank Linda Lee, who suggested that I look at the new write up on Lacey, which convinced me that we should apply to adopt her, and Dianne Collins, who successfully got Lacey on board a Delta flight to Minneapolis. Truly there were angels who were watching out for Lacey and brought her into our lives.

Bob and Marveen Minish


In honor of Sean 

(Aust Ch Torshamae Luck of the Irish) born 1-May-2013 in Tasmania, Australia (photo attached) and the Aungiers family who will loved him dearly but needed to find him to a new home this year. Sean is now enjoying a relaxed beach lifestyle with lots of love and attention. Love, kisses and best wishes from all who have known this beautiful joyful boy.

From Irene Landau

In honor Jan Joers

for her 8 month loyality to Penny Lane (Wheaten Terrier) who is now free to have a good life. From Wheatens In Need 

In honor of Priscilla & David Harvey,

the wonderful foster parents of our lucky 2005 rescued Kerry “Chance” (formerly Marley) who left us all too soon. Peggy & Michael Ferello


In honor of and with gratitude to Emmie & Bob Jones for blessing us with their beautiful KBT “Patrick” – the best medicine for our broken hearts. Peggy & Michael Ferello

In honor of Misty and Zoey

from John Saunders. 

In honor of Lacey

In honor of Lacey, to celebrate the second anniversary on April 8, 2015 of Miss Lacey’s arrival (or more properly, her takeover) of our family as well as her 10th birthday. Arriving on a Delta flight from Atlanta, she was frightened, but soon recovered and exhibited her true Kerry spirit. We are deeply grateful for the work and dedication of everyone associated with the Kerry rescue program. 

From Bob and Marveen Minish.


In honor of Bix 

on his 14th birthday. From Carolyn Watts 

Celebrating Louise Lang

This donation to the Canadian KBTF from Janet McQuay, is to thank Louise Lang for the many years she has spent working on behalf of the Kerry Blue Terrier, KBTF and KBTCC.

In celebration of Lizzy, 

from Judith & Barry McDonald.

In recognition of George Hana and Sharon Arkoff,

from an anonymous donor in Maine.

Celebrating Rosie & Finn’s placement 

from Evelyn A. Ganfuss


In honor of Jack Alexander

from Carol Vesey

A birthday celebration of Bev McEvoy and her Kerry Blues

from Louise Ackerly 


In honor of my father, Jack R. Alexander

from Carol Vesy

A tribute to Breeze, at 16

On March 20, 2012 Aisling’s Offshore Breeze celebrated her 16th birthday. (We believe she is Canada’s oldest Kerry.) Breeze continues to be the matriarch of the Sandy Hook Kerries. She has come into her own as a senior and wins more and more fans every day. This year, she was Best Veteran in Sweeps at the Red River Terrier Specialty and got special mention (again!) from the specialty judge. Most of all, Breezy the Breeze girl (Easy Breezy Beautiful) is beloved by all and continues to amaze us by her Kerry spunk and longevity!


A tribute to Sweet Molly O’Mill, 

a speciall Kerry survivor of the worst puppy mill in Canada, 
Linda Lee for fostering our “Pepper”, 
Linda Grisley for provideding us with the opportunity to restore Sweet Molly to good health, 
Tammy and Wyatt Redlin for getting to love her forever.

from Don, Jann, and “Pepper” McQuay.

Daniel J. Ivascyn

For his 42 birthday, 
From Daniel W. & Catherine Ivascyn.

Priscilla & David Harvey

In honor of all the work they do for animals. 
From Kathie & Ron MacFarlane.


In honor of our dog Patrick
who we gave up for adoption with the KBTF in July 2011.


Celebrating Charlie, 
from Judith McDonald


In honor of our dog Patrick who we gave up for adoption with the Foundation in July 2011.


A grin for a smile, 
your eyes all aglow; 
such a bundle of joy 
I said there’s my boy!

Your eyes, they’re now dimming, 
your gait’s become slow

My mind knows you’re leaving, 
my heart does not know

If ever to heaven I’ll be blessed to go, 
at the bridge of the rainbows I’ll find you, I know

Emilio Knox

Celebrating Ziggy

Ziggy’s Story

Ziggy’s registered name is KJ’s Knight In Shining Armor, He came from Karla Niggl’s kennel, KJ’s Kerry Blues, in Cave Creek, AZ. He is a Mick grandson. I have had him in all types of activities: Obedience, Agility, Retrieve, Rally and currently he is in Nosework training. He earned his CGC at 9 months of age, passed a Herding Instinct Test, just completed his Rally Novice title and is well on his way to finishing his championship. He is my first show dog, and we have learned a lot! His hobbies are performing a multitude of tricks for treats, swimming in the summer, running alongside my bicycle, loves to talk and loves to sing, enjoys hanging out with me at all times, chewing on raw bones, and playing with his Airedale brother and sister. 

The Story behind the Painting

Several weeks ago (early 2011) at the Fiesta Cluster dog show in Scottsdale, AZ, this couple were taking lots of photos with big fancy cameras of Ziggy before we went in to the ring. I thought they were photographers for a dog magazine or something so I was trying to help by getting Ziggy to look their direction so they could get a good shot and so forth. I didn’t think too much of it at the time and then a few days later on Facebook, someone posted a watercolor portrait from Ebay of a Kerry titled “Blue Blazes” and was asking if anyone knew who this Kerry is. This person went on to say that the artist, Judith Stein along with her brother Jeffrey, were at the Fiesta Cluster taking photos of a Kerry there and Judith made this painting from the photos. I then realized that it must have been Ziggy (along with the fact that it looks exactly like him) and that the couple that were taking photos were Judith and Jeffrey. I contacted Judith and confirmed that it was indeed Ziggy. I was able to win the Ebay auction for the original Blue Blazes painting, and I was really thrilled about the whole thing.

Judith Stein is a very talented artist that specializes in watercolors of children and dogs. She does commission work also. I attached a pic of Blue Blazes so you can see it. They can also put the portrait image on coffee mugs, T-shirts, totebags and notecards. Judith gave me (2) 8×10 art prints and her sister, Joyce, gave me a small tote bag to donate to the Foundation for Rescue funds. I would like to buy some more of the Blue Blazes collection and donate them to Rescue also and perhaps you can sell them for fundraising or whatever you think would be appropriate. I will ship them to you.

Here are their websites/ebay if you want to check them out:

Judith Stein’s website:

Judith’s Ebay Store:

Her brother is Jeffrey and he handles the art prints only:

Her sister, Joyce, sells T-shirts, coffee mugs and totes:

Jen Burkizer, Phoenix, AZ

In Honor of all Kerries

from Patricia Shepard 

In celebration of

my 16 month old Kerry Dazzle from Barbara Fleischmann

Special Thanks

to Sharon Arkoff & Mimi Karsh 
From Goody Goody

Celebrating Breeze – 15 years young! 

On March 20, 2011 Aisling’s Offshore Breeze celebrated her 15th birthday! A little hard of hearing – or maybe she just doesn’t want to hear us – Breeze is enjoying life as the matriarch of the Sandy Hook Kerries. Last summer Breeze competed in the Veteran’s class at the Red River Terrier Specialty. She confidently trotted around the ring, despite the summer heat. After examination, the judge stood up and addressed the crowd: “This dog is over 14 years old and has all her teeth. She is doing better than I am!” So while, Breeze did not win the Veteran’s class that day (hard to compete against those 7 to 10 year old youngsters), she won lots of hearts! And, at 15, Breeze is continuing to do just that!

Somer Pride

You rescued my dear Somer Pride. 
And she will be 10 years old in July. 
What a dignified little mama she is and beautiful, too. 
With Thanks and Blessings, 

Susan Field 

Abbey’s Love’s Sweet Song

In honour of Clara’s 14th birthday. 
Thanks for 9 years of a great Foundation


Celebrating Breeze!

Aisling’s Offshore Breeze turned 14 years young on March 20, 2010! “Breezy the Breeze Girl” (or “Easy Breezy Beautiful”) has at least one surviving sibling, Aisling’s Old Bushmill. Breeze is a special girl and the matriarch of the Sandy Hook Kerries, often looking on in distain as Annie and Kevin exhibit their youthful Kerry antics. Breeze’s owners would like to thank Marilyn Brotherton (Breeze’s breeder in Manitoba, Canada) for introducing them to the wonderful world of Kerry Blue Terriers. 

Linda E. Lee & Larry K. Bremner



Pendgragon’s Dooley O’Toole

Contributed in honor of our Dooley– 9 years old and still teaching us lessons of life. He has never met a child he didn’t love nor another male terrier that he liked! Although his beard is sometimes smelly and he insists that he be scratched during morning coffee, we cannot imagine life without him. Whether we are gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours, he’s so happy to see us come through the door. (“Take nothing for granted,” he seems to say!) Although he is slowing down a bit, his affection for life hasn’t slowed at all. May we all live like a kerry! 
We love you boy! 


To honor the love Lesley has for her Kerry Blues Seamus and Molly. 
From Tobi Gebauer

Judy Winder

Christmas donation in honor of my mother, Judy Winder. 
From her daughter, Sue Schoening.

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