How to Choose a Crate for Your Kerry Blue Terrier


If you?re not sure what size or style of crate to get for your Kerry Blue Terrier, this is the article for you. I will take you step by step through choosing
the right crate for your Kerry Blue, from measuring your dog to looking at different crate designs. Come with me!

What size crate does a Kerry Blue need?

 First, it?s very important to get the size of the crate right. She should be able to comfortably turn around in a full circle and sit upright without her head touching the roof of the crate. She should also
be able to lie on her side with ample room to stretch her legs out.

As well as for your dog?s comfort, getting the right size matters when it comes to crate training. This is because an oversized crate can provide your
dog with the opportunity to use one corner as a toilet and the opposite corner as her sleeping area. A well-fitted crate will allow you to utilize
her instinct not to do her business where she sleeps.

How to measure your Kerry Blue Terrier

To get the correct crate, you should take measurements of your dog. You will just
need the length and height of your Kerry Blue, as the width will be proportional.


So, treats in hand, have her stand and measure from the tip of her nose to the root of her tail (not the entire tail). Next, add 2 inches to this measurement so that she?ll have enough moving room. Now you?ve got the minimum length of her crate.

Next, in a sitting position, measure from the floor up to the tallest
point of her head. Against, add 2 inches. This is the minimum height of her crate.

Most Kerry Blue Terriers, standing at about 22? tall and with a length of roughly the same amount, are suited to a medium-sized crate.
These can have many different dimensions, but I think the following two are best for Kerry Blues:

?30? L x 21? W x 24? H

?31? L x 21.5? W x 24? H

Females are usually a little smaller and can be about 20? tall, in which case the following medium crate dimensions can also suit her:

?30? L x 19? W x 22? H

What type of crate does a Kerry Blue Terrier need?


What style of crate to choose depends on a few factors, such as her age, if she is already housetrained, how well-behaved she is, and what you want to
use the crate for.

Here is a rundown of the most common types of crates available and which type of Kerry Blue (and which type of owner!) they can be suitable for. 

1. Wire crates

Wire crates are also very useful for those who have recently adopted a Kerry Blue puppy and would prefer to get just one crate that can last her from her
early crate training days into her adult life. This is because, with wire crates, you can purchase a crate that will accommodate her adult size and simply use dividers
to adjust the space inside as she grows

2. Metal Heavy-Duty Crates

Okay. These bad boys are for the more rough-and-tumble Kerry Blues out there – and I know they exist! If your dog chews, digs, scratches, or pries her
way out of other types of crates, it might be time to invest in a heavy duty crate that can contain her.
Though rather unattractive and expensive, these are incredibly durable and well worth it if you spend your time worrying she?ll break out or if you?ve
spent your money replacing crates in the past!

3. Plastic Crates

For travellers or jet-setting owners who just can?t be apart from their Kerry Blues, plastic crates are a good choice for air travel, as many come airline-approved.
They can also be used at home as a permanent crate, and, due to their low visibility, particularly suit Kerry Blues that either get anxious upon seeing
their surroundings while in their crate, or who simply prefer to curl up in privacy. Though I?m not sure this last type exists – as far as I know,
most Kerry Blues are shadows!
Some owners find plastic crates easier to clean than wire ones, as you can simply hose or spray them down. Plus, if your dog is messy and shakes inside,
it will stay contained, unlike in a wire model.

4. Soft-sided Crates

These crates made from soft material are ideal for going on trips with your pooch. They provide a nice shelter for her at the park or beach, for example.
When you get home, you can simply throw it in the wash and it can be easily folded away and stored.
As a permanent crate, it?s not very durable, plus washing it leaves your dog without a crate for at least a day.


5. Stylish Crates

Now, stylish crates made from wood or rattan are for the Kerry Blues that are housetrained and well-behaved – no scratching or biting wanted here, as wood
damages easily. These are suited to owners who don?t want to compromise the style of their home by getting a wire or plastic crate. There are so many
designs and they can even be used as furniture.
Wooden crates are expensive, though, so it?s best to weight until she?s fully grown before investing in one.

As you can see, there is no one ?right? type of crate for a Kerry Blue Terrier – it always depends on the age, temperament, and behavior of the dog as
well as the owner?s plans for using the crate.
In my opinion, wire crates certainly seem the most practical option, while plastic crates are the best for travel. You can, of course, always consider
getting one for permanent use at home and another specifically for travel purposes.

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