How Clever is Your Kerry?

You already know that your Kerry can hear the refrigerator door open from a 100 yards. You know when it’s 5 o’clock (feeding time) when your furry friend
insists on maintaining eye contact no matter what you are doing. And you know that no gopher stands a chance in your yard when Mr. Tuff Stuff is on
the prowl. But just how well could he use his talents in the American Working Terrier Association’s (AWTA) field events?

These events, also open to Dachshunds, are currently being sponsored separately from the terrier (go-to-ground) trials, and are intended to show the
versatility of all AKC Group IV terriers. If you would like more information on these events, contact Patricia Adams Lent, Trustee, Founder of
the American Working Terrier Association, Route 6, Box 190, Mount Olive, NC 28365, (919) 658-6896.

Terrier and Dachshund Field Events

 Test 1: Obedience

Off-lead with distractions: heel, stand for exam, recall, long sit and down; precision is not called for nor expected.

 Test 2: Scent Trailing

Scent trail of specific length, going through obstacles, ending at tree with attached coonskin; dog must display awareness of and interest in coonskin
for one minute.

 Test 3: Land Retrieve

Retrieval of both visible and non visible dummies thrown 60 feet.

 Test 4: Water Retrieve

Retrieval of dummy thrown at least 60 feet, of which 30 feet must be into the water.

 Test 5: Gunshot

Must display steadiness when blank pistol discharged during one of the land retrieves (may be combined with bird work).

 Test 6: Bird Work

Quest for, locate, and flush a bird from a field; a blank pistol will be fired when the bird gets up.

 Test 7: Pack Temperament

Four to six handler/dog teams working a field together with no displays of aggression toward other dogs; dogs must demonstrate that they are hunting.

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