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With the extremely cold weather how do you keep your Kerry warm?

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The main focus of our non-profit foundation is the safe rescue & rehoming of Kerry Blue Terriers globally. Click below to visit our rescue homepage.

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KBTF Web Editor

Are Kerries Good With Kids?

Randy A. Hayes Kerries and Kids: Do the two get along? For the most part, the unreserved response of the newslist is “Yes.” There are several caveats mentioned, however. Howard

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Cannabis and Dogs

Recently I had a friend take her 14-year-old dog to the vet for a checkup. The vet was amazed that the dog moved like a puppy when a dog so old should have arthritis. When examining the dog’s eyes, the vet exclaimed, “This dog should

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KBTF Web Editor

Benefits and Risks of Rimadyl

Background Rimadyl is an NSAID ? ?non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug?. Other NSAIDs include common drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen. This family of drugs works by inhibiting production of prostaglandins –

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Food Selection

Recommended Dry Foods, by The Whole Dog Journal Recommended Canned Foods, by The Whole Dog Journal Ingredients to avoid (URL) Compare Dog Foods with the Dog Food Calculator Puppy Dog

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