HERMAN Update December 2019: HERMAN needs a little training and then a new home!

Herman did not make the transition to his new home successfully. After several visits to a CA shelter as his former owner spent time in the hospital, was released, went back again, Herman was finally released to the KBTF to find him a safe new home which we thought would be with an experienced Kerry owner in CA. Although reported to mostly be loving and cuddly in his hew home, there was one instance where for whatever reason, Herman took a dislike to a neighbor’s dog and went after it. While there was no damage done, the new owner feels that she cannot in good conscience give Herman the home that she had hoped to provide. So after months of moving about between shelter, home, shelter, another home, Herman will be living with the Hanna family and spending time with a trainer to hopefully identify the trigger that prompted the attack and get the key to prevent a future episodes.

At this point, Herman is not ready for adoption but it should not be too long as he will be benefit greatly from the care and training provided by Casa Hanna. If you are interested in Herman, please contact George Hanna at [email protected] for more information. posted 12-28-19

Herman has settled into his new forever home very nicely and is being thoroughly spoiled every day. If you would like to help rescue Kerry’s like Herman and his BFF Molly, please make a donation to the Foundation here on the website. You can mark it to the rescue program in Herman’s name..and he would be so pleased and proud of your help! Congratulations Herman!

Herman, along with his BFF (best friend forever) Molly, has had a very rough year so far! His long-time owner developed some mental health issues so Herman and Molly ended up in a shelter in southern CA. The owner asked for them back when he felt better. However, a month later the owner once again fell ill and both Kerries were returned to the shelter again, only to be taken back “home” yet again when the owner felt better. Recently they were taken back to the shelter for the final time as the owner finally agreed that they should find a new home. 

Herman and Molly were removed from the shelter and currently are being fostered in the care of an excellent kennel in southern CA, surrounded by compassionate and loving people now but they would both love to find a wonderful new home.   

The foster mom reports that Herman is “a typical boy Kerry”: full of energy and fun. He is fine with the youngsters in their family and obviously is okay with other dogs. Herman is very attached to his younger BFF Molly and is always looking for her. When he cannot see her, he does get a little anxious so if they go to separate homes, his new family will need to provide some extra TLC so that he will feel comfortable without his buddy Molly. While we currently have no photos of Herman, we will post them as soon as we get some so you can see just how handsome this boy is!

Herman is somewhere between 7-8 yo: we are still waiting for the papers from the AKC papers on him to be certain. He is currently located in southern CA and his adoption fee is $300 to help defray his expenses. The Foundation would also appreciate any donations to continue to cover the expenses for Herman, his buddy Molly and our other rescue dogs. If you can’t adopt, please consider helping with a donation of any size. Thank you. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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