He is Dog

He is good

He is bad

Some times he makes you mad

He listens

He ignores

At times you wish for more


He is dog


You chose him for his looks

You should have read more books

He is naughty

He is nice

You should have sought advice


He is dog


You have choices to make

His life is at stake

Take the training trail

Or choose to quickly bail

His life is in your hands


He is dog


You decide you cannot deal

To a rescue you appeal

The dog is off your plate

You can make the great escape

This is goodbye


He is dog


You move on with life from here

Tell yourself things you want to hear

You tried hard to make it work

But the dog, was just a quirk

That you thought would be a perk


He is dog


Now he?s found his place

With someone who thinks he?s great

Who with patience and some time

Has allowed this boy to shine

All will be fine


He is loved.


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