Guarding versus Herding

Guarding versus Herding

Kerries are well suited for livestock protection. The main temperament difference between guarding and herding dogs is that a guarding dog must remain
calm, while a herding dog must be active an hyper to round up the flock.

I prefer Kerries over any other guarding breed because:

  • they live longer,
  • they can be as tough or tougher than some of the traditional guarding breeds,
  • they’re more agile,
  • they stay close, won’t wonder off and respect fences,
  • they tend to be more handler-sensitive than some other breeds,
  • they can “count” the flock and hence know when a subject is missing,

Grooming is a drawback for the Kerry.

The Kerry, because of its Irish farm background, appears to be more suited for this job than some of the other terriers.

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