Going Postal

Lately I have been more forgetful than normal so I make lists. I find I forget the lists. I had been meaning to buy a book of stamps and stamps were
at the top of every grocery list. After 5 trips to the store with no list and coming home with no stamps, I decided to get really clever by purchasing
a roll of stamps. Joy. Now I have an entire year’s worth of US postage. Or at least that was my thought.Last night I sat diligently at the dinning
table paying bills. Rascal was in the living room, perched on the ottoman chewing one of her bully stick collection. Rocket was stretched out on the
oriental carpet as close to me as he could get. (He does this now. He has to keep an eye on his mom.) He had worked hard in agility class. He needed
a nap!

Once the bills were all written out and envelopes sealed I opened up the new roll of stamps. I noticed that Rocket was very interested in what I had, so
I showed him. And I told him that he had better stay out of these because if he got in them I would ship him back to Florida.

This morning for some reason, I decided to leave both dogs out in the main part of the house when I took my shower. They seemed calm and were lying around.
I told Rocket he’d better behave and stay out of stuff or he’d be in big trouble.

So, quick shower, get dressed, open bathroom door and there is Rascal. She looks a bit perturbed. In fact she looks down right disgusted. I ask her what’s
up and she turns away to walk back towards the living room. I then see that she has 2 stamps stuck on her rear. Oh no! Where’s Rocket??

I quickly have my answer as Rocket runs down the hall. He is carrying his favorite toy for the day. The toy and Rocket are covered in stamps. Oh phooey!!

Apparently Rocket took my threat of sending him back to Florida seriously and decided he had better get all his stuff to ship out. Objects all over the
house are marked with official US postage ? his bed, my chair, the rug, several throw pillows, my purse, Rascal, the refrigerator, on & on. It’s
really amazing what a Kerry can do with 100 self-adhesive stamps! I was surprised he hadn’t gotten out shipping containers and fiber tape! Gee, next
time I move, Rocket can do all the packing!!

I imagine I will be scrapping up stamps for some time. Love these dogs!!

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