Furry Friendly Kerry Listing

List your furry friend on the web & find them playmates in your area!

Post A Listing

You are posting a Furry Friend listing to our website. Please describe your dog as best as you can and also the interts of the dog’s protector (you). Your posting will last 1 year from the posting date.

Listing Notice

**You are posting information publicly to the world wide web. We aim to protect your privacy and we must warn you your Name, Dog’s Name & Location Pin can be viewed by anyone online worldwide. However the personal contact information we ask for such as address, phone number and other additional details are only visible by logged in members of KBTF. You will find this information in the “members only” tab in each listing.

Quick Tips

Here are a few quick tips to help you through the the posting process of  KBTF listing:

  1. Make sure to select the correct category. 
  2. Check the “make logo” box to make your image the featured pic on your post.
  3. You dont have to use your specific address. Because the map pin our your list is public, use a city close to you as the address.

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