Eye Problems in The Kerry Blue Terrier

Because of the facial hair, eye infections in Kerries can be common.

The facial hair does protect the eyes in some circumstances. However, the hair can be
the cause of the problem if it is frequently getting into the eyes. This probably varies between dogs because variations in the coat texture and curl
may mean that some dogs will frequently have hair in the eyes, while in others it may occur rarely.

If you have a problem, make sure that vet will treat your dog but not the symptoms of a disease. The problem can be the result of a cold or allergy.

If eye infections or irritations recur despite full courses of antibiotic treatment, further investigation is necessary. I had a Kerry which I kept dragging
back to the vet for red (although not always infected) eyes until the vet was completely frustrated. Finally, after several recurring infections, he
did a tear production test (Schirmer tear test) and found he had dry eye syndrome.

An excellent resource page for eye problems in dogs is:


I have consulted with this specialist and he is very good and reputable.

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