Dog Contract and Bill of Sale

When you are ready to place a puppy in a new home or are ready to buy a Kerry, you should know what the other party is expecting from you. Many misunderstandings
between a puppy buyer and breeder can be avoided by having a written Contract and Bill of Sale that covers all the issues.

Until now, many breeders have avoided using a puppy contract because they claim it is unenforceable. The Foundation believes that a puppy contract
can be made enforceable if the parties consider all the issues and agree to them in writing.

With the help of many breeders and Kerry owners a draft Contract was created. This draft was then presented to an attorney for comment and improvement.
The result is a solid, well thought out Contract that can be used by breeders and puppy buyers of all breeds.

To simplify the use of the Contract, we have provided checkboxes. Please give proper time and thought to filling in the blanks so that there are no blanks where selections should have been made. Failing to complete information can lead to ambiguities and ambiguities can lead to the court looking outside of the Contract in order to interpret
the intent of the parties.

We believe the Contract, if properly completed, should be enforceable in most US states. However, the Foundation, its officers and anyone who has provided
input in the development of this Contract assume no liability for the accuracy, applicability nor enforceability of this sample Contract. You are
encouraged to use this Contract as a basis to develop your own Contracts and to have it reviewed by your own attorney.

The document need not be noterized to be valid.

The Contract is provided in .pdf format. Should you wish to
modify the Contract, you may want to use the unformatted Word versions in .doc format.

The Contract is not copyrighted but is provided as a free service to the dog community in the hope it will avoid misunderstandings between buyers and
sellers of dogs.

Note to puppy buyers: If your breeder does not provide you with a contract, you are encouraged to print this Contract and present
it to the breeder. Presenting a contract is a sign of respect because it helps develop a better understanding between the parties, acknowledges
a certain level of intelligence and sophistication and, above all, promotes the well being of the dog. Should the breeder dismiss the use of a
Contract, you should consider not purchasing a puppy from this breeder as it could lead to future problems. If the breeder presents you with a
different contract, identify the differences with the Foundation Contract. Make sure none of the differences are important to your situation.

We expect to update the contract over the years. Your comments about this Contract and its uses are solicited. Please contact the Foundation at
[email protected]

Contract and Bill of Sale (.pdf)

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