Do you sing to your Kerry Blue?

Reprinted with pemission from KB-L
Compiled by Anne Corke

Question of the Week #238: Do you sing to your Kerry Blue?

Yes, lullabies


Yes, country & western


Yes, whatever is on my mind


No, I don’t sing to my Kerry


This question of the week, suggested by Judi Young, solicited many responses, leading us to
believe that we Kerry owners are either constantly seeking to expand our methods of inter-species communication, or else we are all closet performers
with a hankering for the spotlight! Whatever the case may be, these stories of shared melodies will hit just the right note!

Myra’s my Sunshine

I suggested this question because I wondered if I was the only one who sang

to her Kerry. My favorite song to sing to Myra, Princess of Pout, was “You

are my Sunshine”, of course replacing “please don’t take my sunshine away”

with “please don’t take my Myra away”. She heard this in those occasional

times when she would allow long cuddling and never seemed to feel moved one

way or the other by it, except when she heard her name. She’d then either

open her eyes to see why her name had been called or give out a soft, deep

sigh as I continued the cuddling. Can’t tell if my singing voice pleased her

or not but the singing was more for my joy than for hers as music is a big

part of my life.

As she got ill and it became apparent that she was needed to be allowed to

cross the Rainbow Bridge, I again changed those words to say “it’s okay to

take my Myra away.

Judi Young, Spokane, Washington

Serenade for Gromit

Of course I sing to my Kerry. Gromit loves any song, especially those that

include his name and then his tail starts wagging furiously. It is a little

difficult to find a song that uses the name Gromit, so we have to make do.

‘Gromit Sung Blue’ is one of his favorites. Tako the Akita just sighs and

ignores me and my poor long suffering husband learned early to shut up or

I might start singing to him also.

Julie Schutz, California

Kerry Lullaby

I always sing to my male at night before we go to bed. I rub his

belly and sing songs that are about him and he is in seventh heaven!

My female gets “my curly, curly little girl” song when she comes

in the bathroom to get her body rubs.

Cheryl, New Mexico

How Much is That Doggie in the Window?

Now that’s a silly question! Don’t we all sing to our Kerries? I do!

Unfortunately only one of them ever appreciated it. That was my forever

friend, Cassie. On long car trips, she and I would sing “How much is that

doggie in the window?” and she would provide the “arf arf” part. She knew

exactly when to chime in. It was just hilarious and we both loved it. We’d

sing it over and over again, much to the dismay of other passengers!

Makes me smile just thinking about it, and it makes me miss her all over


Anne Corke, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Music Hath Charms

I have long said that only God likes my singing. Therefore I haven’t sung to my

Kerries. Encouraged by the topic, I will give it a try & let you all know.

We do have good conversations. I talk to them a lot. I also touch them a lot.

The Magnificent 7 were raised with music, conversations, & lots of touch. They

like music (& conversations & lots of touch.)

Rita Lockwood, Portland, Oregon

Does Celine Dion Need a Backup Singer?

This is a very interesting question. I do not sing to my Kerry but Rory sings

to me. When I turn the radio on or put certain CDs on (they have to be female

singers) he has a great time singing. He just loves it and I love listening to him.

Rory is my 8 year old Kerry I adopted 3 months ago through the Empire Kerry

Blue Club of New York. WHAT A FABULOUS GUY HE IS.

Gloria Moran, Farmingdale, New York

Cruelty to Kerries!

I never sing to my dogs because I love them too much.


Jamming with the Three R’s

I have always sung to my dogs. Recently I started to play the guitar again.

My dad has a vintage Martin that he seldom plays and since I used to play it

quite a bit when I was younger, I recently snarfed it. A friend did some

work on it and I’ve been whacking away on it much to the dismay of Rascal –

who apparently was a classical musician in another life.

Renny and Rocket don’t seem to mind and they hang out with me when I play.

It has been a long time since I played regularly, so they’re putting up with me

playing badly. Good audience and I only have to pay them in chicken jerky.

Sharon Burnett, University Place, Washington

The Call of the Wild

In keeping with Gloria’s observation that Rory sings to her, may I remark upon the following:

We live in Washington, D.C., proper, in a row-house neighborhood that is

highly citified, in consequence of which, we hear police scout car and

fire board truck sirens as often as several times a day. We normally

walk our KBT “Bevie” (short for Bebhionn), aged 14 months, in the

immediately nearby Lincoln Park, around which police cars, firetrucks,

and ambulances regularly drive, sirens cranked up high, usually on their

way elsewhere.

With some frequency, Bevie will stop, watch the vehicles a bit, and, if

she hears two or three, she’ll throw her head back and give a long, long

high-pitched howl, emitting a sound she makes no other time, and

immediately distinguishable from her common, regular barking. It is

pretty plainly either an imitation of the siren, or, counts as singing

back to the emergency vehicles. It strikes me as roughly akin to baying

or howling at the moon, I suppose, except that it’s a long wailing

reply, not short, sharp, staccato barks

Writing this caused me to wonder what her reaction would be to bagpipes,

either Irish uillean pipes or Highland war pipes, which she hasn’t heard

so much of yet. I shall have to check that out to see.

So, we don’t sing that much to Bevie, but she will croon back to police

cars and fire board trucks.

Barry Wiegand, Washington, D.C.

My Name is Ari

My husband and I have our first Kerry (Ari) who is now 6 months old, and

we are constantly singing made-up songs to him or songs playing on the radio.

In the early weeks during the potty training phase the songs tended to be something

like this:

“My name is Ari, They call me Airee, I like to pee-pee, I like to poopy”

This song usually came after “accidents” occured in the house.

Then at Christmas time my husband made up a new song (with several verses)

for Ari, to the tune of “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” that we like to sing.

I think we probably enjoy the songs more than our Kerry does, but he puts up

with us and our tone-deaf singing. 🙂

Ciara, Greenwood, South Carolina

They’re Playing My Song

Yes, I do sing to my dogs and my cats. In fact, my dogs each have their

own song. Finian’s is “Finian’s Rainbow” and Phoebe’s is “You Are My

Sunshine.” I have a terrible singing voice, so some might not call it

singing. The Kerries, as usual, humour me! Bless them.

Sharon Ponsford, Glen Ellen, California

I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen

I don’t actually sing to Rosie but my boyfriend (who is Irish) puts on a

Kerry woman’s accent and voice and pretends that Rosie is singing,

usually “Oh the Days of the Kerry Dances”.

Mary Casey

Venus in Blue Genes

I have never sung to my boys – I’m not sure why as I do sing to my girls,

each of whom has her own song. With Grant I did ask him “Are you ready for

your close up Mr. Grant?”

Trudy’s song is the old Ella Fitzgerald standard “Always true to you,

darlin’ in my fashion” which also describes her attitude – she loves me but

on her own terms. I definitely come in second to her son and to my former

roommate, Richard. But when she’s affectionate she is truly mine

Genie’s song was Venus in Blue Jeans but it was edited just for her. It

went like this:

My venus in blue genes, Mona Lisa with a wagging tail. You’re my walking, barking, work of art. You’re the girl who stole my heart. My venus in bluegenes,
yes you’re everything I hoped you’d be. A kerry angel from above and you belong to me.

Genie really seemed to enjoy when I sang this to her.

While Grant never had a song that I sang to him he has a song which is ours.

The morning I had to let Grant go we drove the four blocks down the hill to

my vet’s office and as we pulled into the parking lot the radio began to

play “I will remember you, will you remember me?” It broke my heart and the

answer is “Always”

Eileen Andrade, Northern California

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