Dianne Collins, a Tribute

I am sure that when Dianne crossed the Rainbow Bridge last week that there was a heavenly host of spirits waiting to meet her, no doubt led by her beloved Mia. So many of us will miss her on this side, but so many have been waiting to welcome her on the other side.

Whether she was officially working as a Rescue Coordinator, or Rescue Director, or in a less obvious role, she was ALWAYS available to help a Kerry Blue. In fact, she was often the first to see a dog in need. Dianne valued her friendships. For many of us, our friendship was conducted via e-mail and over phones. She was always interested in what each of us had to say…our points-of-view. She was able to discuss our differences as just that – differences — wot in the context of “I’m right and you’re wrong.” Her support, initiative, team work and downright affection for all of us who were privileged to work with her and call her a friend has made her death an overwhelming sadness.

As has been the case with many of us in Rescue we learned what stuff Dianne was really made of. No frantic call was ever too early in the morning or too late at night. No question or concern was ever too trivial or overwhelming. She was always there with the right answer or calming word. When those dogs were all placed in wonderful forever homes, we all agreed that the stars must have been aligned just right to make everything fall together at the right time. We really knew better. If Diane willed it, it would happen. Nothing would get in the way.

Dianne had a strong connection to dogs in general and Kerries in particular. She was interested in the lives of all the rescues even after they were placed in new homes. She grieved for each one as they passed from this life. She was willing to work hard to bring Kerries from difficult situations into caring foster homes. She worked with foster homes to evaluate temperaments, get needed health care and work on temperament issues prior to placing the dogs in a new home. 

She did an amazing job coordinating transportation of dogs from shelters and relinquishing homes, to foster homes and finally to their new homes. She stayed in contact with all of the coordinators. She mentored them, provided guidance and assistance in caring for the foster dogs and guidance in placing them 

She has left us much too soon and will be forever missed. Rest in peace Dianne. 

Those wishing to send condolences to Diane’s companion, Dick Hamrick, and her daughter, Jackie Chappel, can write to Jackie’s home address: 128 E 66th St, Savannah GA 31405. The family requests that anyone wishing to make a donation in Dianne’s memory send either to Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation Rescue or the Humane Society of their choice. Here is the link to the funeral home Fox and Weeks; look under “Dianne Collins/”

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