Deva, The First Service Kerry

Deva, Aust. Ch. Dallaroo Just A Deviate, HIC, Registered Therapy Dog, Alert Dog (Service Dog)

I believe Deva is the first Kerry service dog in the U.S. She alerts me to sugar lows, especially at night. She wakes me and stands on my chest if
necessary to wake me. I have checked my sugars and they have been in the 60 range, which is dangerously low. I need to get up and eat something
to bring it back in the normal range. If she did not alert me it could go so low that I could go into a coma in my sleep.

She also alerts Gil, my husband, to the doorbell and phone. She will run between the door or phone and him until he responds appropriately. She will
stand under the smoke detector and bark at it if it goes off.

Some restaurants welcome us with open arms and others reluctantly let her in. She behaves herself and lays under the table or booth while we eat. She
never begs or bothers once she is settled down. Most people don’t know she is there until we get ready to leave. This is as it should be for a
working service dog.

I have learned that there are a LOTS of people that need education about service dogs. Not all of them are Goldens, Shepards or Labs. They don’t all
come with a harness either. The biggest problem in public is not allowing the people to pet her. They are so drawn to her they want to pet and
cuddle her.

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