Dear Abby,

I’m having a problem with my companion. He’s generally very sweet, although a bit of a Mama’s Boy. (She spoiled him.)

When we go to bed at night, he likes it if the electric blanket is prewarmed, but he never turns it on. He expects me to do it. If the night air is a bit
chilly, we snuggle, but if it gets too warm for him, instead of moving away, he moves some of the covers down to the foot of the bed, sometimes completely
off the bed.

In the morning he won’t just get up and go about his business, he insists I get up too. I ALWAYS have to be the one to fix coffee and breakfast. After
breakfast he may decide to get some exercise, or he may decide to go back to bed. If we need something from the store, he insists on going with me,
but he doesn’t go do the shopping. Instead, he waits in the car, occasionally harassing those who pass by.

He requires a special diet. I fix it for him, and even fix him special treats; but he always wants to check out whatever I may be eating or drinking, and
he thinks he’s entitled to some if he wants it. I don’t do that to him.

Sometimes I want to cuddle, but he wants to play instead. If I want to just sit in a big comfy chair with a book, he decides to sit in the chair with me
and cuddle.

We both love to walk on the beach, but I generally prefer a slow stroll, he wants to move quickly. Also, he wants to “meet & greet”, when sometimes
I would rather not.

I could say more, but I think you get the picture. Do you think we can work things out? Are all Kerry Blue Terriers like this?


Tongue In Cheek


Rita Lockwood & James Patrick Puppy

Seaside Oregon

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