Cracked Pads

How to deal with dry or cracked pads.

Living in a semi arid climate like we do I have also used
the Bag Balm and even used Vasaline Intensive Care hand lotion on their feet. It seems to work well to put the balm or lotion on just before bed to
give it a chance to work in. You have to balance things so the feet are not cracked and yet not too soft.

I have also put socks on after the balm or lotion to protect
bedding and furniture.

Bag Balm can be found in most farm supply stores and many pet

Charlotte Hart

[email protected]

Wheat Ridge, CO, USA

I use “Hoofmaker” on the pads when dry & cracked – it’s available
from any horse supply place – It’s mainly lanolin, MUCH cheaper than anything the vets have.

Make sure you wash the feet after being on salted sidewalks and
roads. The salt is really hard on their feet.

By the way, Hoofmaker is also good to soften corns/calluses.

Marilyn Brotherton, [email protected]

Aisling Kennel, Perm. Reg.

Winnipeg, Mb. Canada

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