Comments by Mary VanderKop, DVM
first made on the Kerry Blue Newslist

I am a veterinarian and have had some experience dealing with foot problems, so wanted to pass on some potential solutions.

We have had quite good success treating corns with creams prepared for human use for conditions such as ichthyosis and hyperkeratosis. Uremol – 20,
which contains 20% urea, needs to be applied to the feet twice a day, every day to control the condition. It is manufactured by Stiefel company
in Canada.

Another product — Lac-Hydrin, contains 12% lactic acid and is used the same way. It is made by Westwood Squibb.

While these are Canadian products, similar preparations, with the same active ingredients should be available over the counter in drug stores in other
countries. It will take at least 10 days to see a significant improvement, but persistent treatment, along with trimming the affected areas (after
soaking for a few minutes to soften them), will result in softer pads and fewer cracks.

Unfortunately, a complete cure is not usually possible, and treatment must be continued, and often increased during cold weather.

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