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Mikie was having IBD/colitis before age two. She had moments of being a very sick girl. It’s all a long story but found a Holistic Vet who didn’t put her
on any drugs, and following this regime I can happily report she has been a healthy girl for a few months now. Our recipe for health:

1. Food:

She has been on IVD-Single Ingredient Diet which is one type of protein and one type of carbohydrate. It comes in dry or canned. Frequent meals are better
because there’s less for the stomach to have to process. Give her nothing else unless you know it won’t upset her, be very watchful.

2. Strengthen the Immune System with Supplements:

I would suggest you go to the best health food store near you and buy the best products you can find. Note that antibiotic use kills good and bad bacteria
in body, and the probiotic supplies the body with the good bacteria. When she gets stabilized start adding garlic capsules.

Another supplement which is awesome is Barley Leaves – I’ve used a product called Kyo-Green – it also keeps the gook in her eyes to a minimum. All these
items are human products, I just put pills or tablets in with her food and she eats them. Add only one product at a time.

3. Enzymes:

Find a good enzyme to help the body digest the food. There are several out there, my vet carries one by Vetri-science. Whatever you find must also be convenient
for you to find.

4. Controlling Diarrhea:

There are a few products to help control diarrhea that are not harmful to the dog. Some folks use canned pumpkin –

must be plain. I have not used this because have not needed to. When she had stomach upsets I gave her 1 or 2 Pepcid and a little Kaopectate.

I know someone who used another product by Vetri-Science called Fast Balance and felt this made her dog healthy (not a KBT).

5. Vaccinations:

When a dog is sick like yours, please do not allow any vaccinations as this will further compromise her immune system. If due for any shots, please discuss
with your vet and if your vet says too bad it’s the law, then find another vet. My vet is willing to work with me on this as she knows some animals
have problems with vaccinations On another list a member says a vet told her IBD in animals is due to vaccinations.

(Read “Points to Consider” in this article plus it’ll help you locate another vet).

Judith Bruno adds:

If your dog has chronic problem with poor quality stools or diarrhea, you should be sure your vet tests for Giardia. For more information on Giardia see:

Also you can get amazing help understanding the herbal/holistic alternatives from Marina Zacherias. She can also advise you on which supplements are more
bio-available than the cheaper, highly processed ones. Marina’s contact information is on her website,

Janet Joers adds:

It’s been something of an odyssey, but today Jazz’s colitis is under control, and it involves only 3 things.

1. Diet

She is fed a high-fiber, vet-prescribed kibble called DCO (Diabetes/Colitis), which we supplement with baked chicken and a vitamin daily, and pumpkin occasionally.
To help maintain her weight, she also gets 2 eggs a week, and pasta, rice, or potato for carbohydrates.

2. Cortenemas

Every night, hopefully after she is completely empty, she gets a medicated enema that remains in her colon for up to 8 hours. If the thought of giving
your dog an enema is hard to imagine, picture this: Jazz comes to get me at “enema time,” and stoically presents her backside for me to do the deed.
After that, she gets a treat and holds no grudges.

3. Immodium A/D

If I see the least sign of straining to defecate, I give 1/2 an Immodium A/D twice a day for a day or two. Fortunately, this has rarely been necessary.

This regimen has worked very well, and there is no longer any blood in her stool. I can tell that Jazz feels better, has more pep, and her coat is in better
condition than with some of the previous diets. A year ago, she did have surgery for removal of 2 polyps in her colon, but she recovered quickly and
got back on track. For 14 years old, she’s doing very well indeed!

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