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The Academy Awards of Dogs ? Westminster Kennel Club

Most people watch some sport on television during the year. Whether your sport is hockey or baseball, basketball or football, golf or ice skating, you may have been treated to coverage of poor sportsmanship, disappointment, drug testing results that dethroned your hero or post-win riots. …

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Kerries as Therapy and Service Dogs

Therapy Therapy Stories; how Kerries help heal Therapy Dog International, Inc., An organization for therapy dog owners Therapy Dog Training and Certification: Delta Society   Therapy Dog Contacts Pet Therapy: Sit, Stay, Heal, by Karen Lee Stevens Learning to Heal, by Elaine Waldorf Gerwirtz Pet …

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Structure, Conformation and Movement

It is a truism that anatomical structure is the most important and least variable component determining how a dog, or any other animal, moves. Other factors are temperament, speed, terrain and general vitality. Since the Kerry Blue Terrier was bred as a working terrier in …

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Kerry Blue Terrier Conformation Standard Quiz

  This 26 question quiz, based upon the Kerry Blue Terrier Standard, is intended to be a helpful study aid to increase your knowledge of the breed. It was presented at the Judges Seminar at the Northern Ohio Specialty show in August, 1997.     …

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Therapy Dogs International, Inc.

Therapy Dogs International, Inc. or TDI, Inc. was founded by an RN working in England. Her name is Elaine Smith. Therapy Dogs visit nursing homes, hospitals, and other facilities or institutions basically to provide “emotional support.” You need to complete basic obedience and the dog …

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Therapy Dog Contacts

THERAPY DOGS, INC. P.O. Box 2786 Cheyenne, WY 82003 (307) 638-3223 e-mail to: [email protected] Ann Butrick, Executive Director Therapy Dogs International, Inc. 88 Bartley Road Flanders, NJ 07836 (973) 252-9800 The Delta Society Pet Partners Program 289 Perimeter Road East Renton, WA 98055-1329 (800) 869-6898 …

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Pet Therapy: Sit, Stay, Heal

These special animals help provide company and four-legged love to the elderly and infirm.    Reprinted with permission, Belvoir Media Group, LLC. For subscription and other information, call (800) 424-7887. Every week, the elderly residents at the Buena Vista Care Center eagerly await the arrival …

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