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Music for and by Dogs

Everywhere we go in the coming holiday season, we’ll be hearing the familiar carols and songs. (Will your Kerry get tired of “The Little Drummer Boy” before you do?) Interestingly, past Questions of the Week suggest that our Kerry Blue Terriers are relatively indifferent to …

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Exercise Your Senior Dog

We want our dogs to live forever, but they don’t remain puppies for long. By the time they reach middle age, most dogs start to slow down because of arthritis, illness, injuries, or the aging process. Being overweight makes all of these problems likely to …

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Obedience Training Before or After the Conformation Ring?

Does obedience training hamper a dog’s showmanship in the conformation ring? Might obedience training break a Kerry’s spirit and make him look like a wimp in the show ring? And might obedience training confuse the dog so that (heaven forbid!) he sits down in the …

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What Does It Take To Earn an Obedience Title?

The obedience exercises are designed to demonstrate the usefulness of the purebred dog as a companion to man. The Novice exercises test the dog’s ability to perform the basic commands-heel, sit, down, stay, stand, and come. They are not called basic because they are easy, …

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Tethered to Success

Four short feet of cable can help teach your dog to keep the peace. Tethers can be used to great advantage to help manage a dog’s behavior in situations where he could be a nuisance otherwise. For many years, I have been a vigorous and …

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Xtreme Kerries

The oldest Kerry 18.5 years (unverified) Miss Eclipse Impulse of the Jean, “Phoebe” Breeder: Jean Underhill Owner: Mark Lynch <[email protected]> The oldest Kerry 18 years, 3 months and 7 days (verified) Bennie’s 18th birthday, he is doing well all in all. He knew the cake …

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