Parasite Prevention

Parasite Prevention | Parasite prevention information, advice & news posts for the Kerry Blue Terrier dog.

Fleas & Ticks–THE Culprits

When I first started to research this article, I had no idea how big a business flea and tick control is. If you want to control fleas and ticks, you can buy shampoos, wipes, powders, tags, sprays, spot-ons (like Frontline, Advantage), sprays, collars, essential oils, …

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Heartworm: History and Prevention

Jeff Grognet is a veterinarian with a practice in British Columbia (Canada) and is vice president of the British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association. He is a frequent contributor to the AKC GAZETTE. Copyright the American Kennel Club, Inc., 2008. No portion of this article may …

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