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Body Care & Grooming | Body care and groomuing information for the Kerry Blue Terrier dog.

Grooming a Kerry Blue Terrier

The Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation is happy to present this video made by Barbara thompson and Fred Morgan.  Both are well known Canadian Kerry breeders. Through the persistant efforts of Louise Lang, the Foundation was able to obtain the permission to re-publish these classic grooming …

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The Dangers of Snow, Salt and Sand

The ravages of winter have already come to most of the county, according to daily news reports: snowdrifts, icy highways, and awful wind-chill readingsresult when polar air is deflected far from its normal territory. While many Kerries (and their people) love to play in the …

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Kerry Blue Grooming Equipment

 Janet Joers  As a novice to the breed, you maybe overwhelmed with the grooming requirements of the Kerry. Here is an equipment list to get you started. Kerry grooming visuals One of the best videos was done by Canadian breeder Barb Thompson ( It’s about $50 …

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Grooming Equipment Maintenance

Judith Bruno  Once you’ve decided to bite the bullet and acquire the required gear, follow a few simple maintenance procedures and it should last you a lifetime. What you’ll need Blade Wash, stiff brush (provided with most clippers) or old tooth brush  Clipper Oil (provided …

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Sharpen Your Scissors

You can learn to sharpen your own scissors. It’s not difficult but does require initial patience. You will know when you have done it right because your scissors will cut.  There is no magic to doing this, just a little learned skill, a 2″ x …

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The Kindest Cut

Reprinted with permission from the American Kennel Club, Inc., . When Nancy Hall, of Madison, Connecticut, arrived at the groomers to pick up Dinah, her Airedale Terrier, the pup was being handled so roughly Hall insisted they release her from the grooming harness immediately. “Dinah’s …

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Your Groomer Isn’t Licensed–Should You Care?

Eve Adamson Reprinted with permission from American Kennel Club, Inc., . Most groomers never injure a pet. They run good businesses, they work hard, and they take responsibility for their actions. Perhaps that’s why most pet owners are surprised to discover that pet groomers-those caretakers …

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A Guide to Ear Setting for the Kerry Blue

Lois Croley and Charlene Dwyer Ear pasting can be a mystery to pet owners and a challenge to breeders. Lois Croley and Charlene Dwyer have created a pictoral desription to demystify the process. Some of the sections covered: Kerry Ear Setting in General Examples of Low Ear …

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