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Are Kerries Good With Kids?

Randy A. Hayes Kerries and Kids: Do the two get along? For the most part, the unreserved response of the newslist is “Yes.” There are several caveats mentioned, however. Howard Brody indicates that his Kerry, Dino, tends to use his front paws with some small …

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Care and Training of the Kerry Blue

FEEDING Kerries are usually not picky eaters. Feed premium quality food for good coat condition and lasting health. Breeders will supply detailed information from their experience. Dry food is the most convenient, since there is less tendency to gum up the whiskers. Tartar formation is …

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Kerry Blues are Not Perfect

Although probably all of us with a Kerry Blue think it is the best dog in the world , it is not for everybody. But often, what others consider a “fault” is what someone else considers an “attribute.” Imagine this scene: A person is walking …

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Are Kerries good with kids? Yes. They love kids and their rough-and-tumble games. Kerries are sturdy and well-muscled and are not easily injured. Their tolerant good-nature keeps them from becoming grouchy or snappy. Naturally, any situation involving toddlers, young children or young puppies should be …

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