Breed Introduction | Introductory posts about the Kerry Blue Terrier dog.

Xtreme Kerries

The oldest Kerry 18.5 years (unverified) Miss Eclipse Impulse of the Jean, “Phoebe” Breeder: Jean Underhill Owner: Mark Lynch <[email protected]> The oldest Kerry 18 years, 3 months and 7 days (verified) Bennie’s 18th birthday, he is doing well all in all. He knew the cake …

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Modern Kerries of the United States

  In the early 1920s most of the American Kerry fanciers were concentrated in the East. Exceptions were the Jacksons, Miss Weiss, William Fox, and Miss Chesborough and Miss Shannon in California, and Cy and Lucy More in New Mexico. The late 1930s marked the …

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History of the Kerry Blue Name

Are Kerry Blues from County Kerry in Ireland? Probably not. Here is the story. On a Saturday evening in October, 1920 in Summerhill, Dublin, an after-dark curfew was in operation because of “the troubles”. Many of the exhibitors who attended the dogshow risked arrest and …

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The Origins of the Terrier Tail

Ch. Geijes Rising Riff Europe long regarded hunting with dogs as a sport of nobility. Reasoning that a shortened tail rendered a dog unsuitable for hunting (since a long tail should enable him to change direction quickly without falling flat on his muzzle), royalty decreed …

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Famous People Who Have Owned Kerry Blues

Marian Anderson Submitted by Edward Cardona, Suzanne Rodda, Carol Brown and others Marian Anderson is the first black singer ever to perform with the Metropolitan Opera Company of New York. She is, in essence, the Jackie Robinson of the opera world. She was a phenomenal …

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Placing a Kerry with Marian Anderson

We got our first Kerry in 1969 and it was shortly thereafter that we joined the Empire KBTC and met and became very close friends with Jim and Lucille Johnson. And it was thru Jim that we met Marian Anderson – he was her tax …

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Kerry Kal Kan Commercial

Janet Joers In 1982 Pedigree, then known as Kal Kan, made a commercial with Ray Perry and his Kerries. The featured dog was Ray’s favorite bitch, the only bitch thathe said would never be for sale. Her name was Ch. Tontine’s Gillian (“Gilly”). The video …

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More Color in Kerries

Very rarely, Kerries are born with an abnormal color. Here are some pictures of purebred Kerrries with interesting colors. The Foundation thanks these couragous breeders for sharing these rare photos. This purebred Kerry bitch whelped one wheaten-colored Kerry (a male, shown here at approximately 1 year …

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