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Adventures in Kerry Blue Terrier Land

The Kerry Blue Terrier is an active dog, to say the least, and there are a variety of organized events in which we who de- vote ourselves to our selected breed can participate. We all know the basics: com- panion, conformation, obedience and utility. These …

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The Ideal Kerry Blue Terrier

The official Standard for the Kerry Blue Terrier prescribes all that the ideal Kerry should be. The original American Standard was adapted from the Irish and English Standards. Some changes have been made through the years, the most recent having been approved by The American …

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The Basics of Coat Color Genetics for the Kerry Blue and the Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

Editor’s Note: The pictures you see here are from purebred but mis-marked Kerries. They were provided to me on conditions of anonymity. The breeders of these terriers are well known in their countries and these photos should not reflect negatively on the quality of their …

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More Color in Kerries

Very rarely, Kerries are born with an abnormal color. Here are some pictures of purebred Kerrries with interesting colors. The Foundation thanks these couragous breeders for sharing these rare photos. This purebred Kerry bitch whelped one wheaten-colored Kerry (a male, shown here at approximately 1 year …

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Are Kerries good with kids? Yes. They love kids and their rough-and-tumble games. Kerries are sturdy and well-muscled and are not easily injured. Their tolerant good-nature keeps them from becoming grouchy or snappy. Naturally, any situation involving toddlers, young children or young puppies should be …

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Description Detail

General Info PURPOSE OF BREED: Medium sized dog originally bred in Ireland as an all-round farm dog for dispatching vermin, herding livestock, and watching over hearth and home. They were specifically bred (as all terriers were) to “go to ground” after game, but for the …

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