Name: Rollicking Cassia

Owner: Anne Corke

Born: February 6, 1984, Peterborough, Ontario

Died: April 17, 2000, Peterborough, Ontario

Age: 16 year, 2 months, 11 days

Sire: Lilana’s Rollicking Descant

Dam: Rollicking This One’s for Me

Home Environment:

Lived first three years in town, the remainder in a semi-rural area. Typical central Ontario climate: summers humid 70 to 90 F, winters snowy, cold
to – 20F

We were Cassie’s one and only home. She lived all her life with us in the Peterborough area.

Both my husband and I worked so for the first three years of her life, she spent a lot of time on her own. Fortunately we lived close enough to our
workplace that we could go home at lunchtime to walk her and spend some time with her. When we moved out to the country, we would drop my son off
at the babysitters, then drop Cassie off at my Mum and Dad’s where she would spend the day with them and their Kerry, Tristan.

Following Tristan’s death, we brought home a male puppy, Dickens, as company for Cassie. Although she was an only dog for the first three years of
her life, we always took Cassie on our frequent visits to my parents who always had one or two Kerries.

Cassie grew up with my son, who was born in July of the same year. She was an excellent companion for him. They played together on a blanket on
the floor, napped together on the couch, just generally hung out together. When he took his first steps, he held onto her to steady himself. She
slept right outside his bedroom door, always on guard. They were inseparable.


Cassie was the only Kerry that I could free-feed. She would pick at her food during the day, only finishing her meal when everyone was home for the
day. She ate kibble (Pedigree) supplemented with a bit of canned food at dinner time, and a couple of Mother Hubbard biscuits for dessert. She
was the least food motivated of all my Kerries. She drank average amounts of water, town water for the first three years, then water from our well.
As a young puppy, she was an awful one for eating little stones. As soon as you opened the back door, she would race to the garden to gobble some
up before you caught her. On one occasion, we had to take her to the vet who “greased her collywobbles” (as my mother would say!) to get rid of
the gravel she was carrying around in her stomach. Thank goodness, she finally outgrew that habit!


Cassie was walked for 30 to 40 minutes, at least twice, usually three, times a day even into her senior years. She was not involved in any doggy activities
except for a basic obedience course. She loved to play catch and was the star ball player of all my dogs. When we were home, early mornings and
evenings, she had unlimited access to our fenced yard.


Cassie was a wonderful family dog. She was fairly obedient, very loving, and totally devoted to her gang! She and I were particularly close, probably
since she had to put up with my wild mood swings during the last few months of my pregnancy and the first hectic months of motherhood. Poor dog!
She was also an excellent singer. When we were driving in the car, I would sing “How much is that doggie in the window?” and she would do the “woof
woof” parts right on cue!


Cassie was generally healthy her whole life. She was spayed at about seven months following her first heat. She had annual checkups and vaccinations
by a traditional vet. She was approximately 17″ tall and weighed 32 pounds in her prime, climbing to 35 in her senior years. In her later years,
her hearing and her sight were obviously diminished but she still managed quite well.


Cassie was an easy dog to get along with. She was not a dominant dog, probably because she spent so much time with my parents’ dogs where she was low
man on the totem pole! She was however very territorial, quite a barker, and could be aggressive with strange dogs. But we thought she was perfect!

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