Canine Vaccination Protocol, 2009 Minimal Vaccine Use

Dr. Dodds is an internationally recognized authority in veterinary hematology and immunology and has done extensive research with Kerry Blue Terriers. Dr. Dodds is a Director of the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation.

Note: the following vaccine protocol is offered for those dogs where minimal vaccinations are advisable. The schedule is one I reccommend and should not
interpreted to mean that other protocols recommended by a veterinarian would be less satisfactory. It’s a matter of professional judgement and choice.

Age of Pups

Vaccine Type

9-10 weeksDistemper + parvovirus, MLV

(e.g. Intervet Progsrd Puppy DPV)
14 weeksSame as above
16-18 weeks (optional)Same as above
20 weeks or older, if allowable by lawRabies
1 yearDistemper + Parvovirus, MLV
1 year (give 3-4 weeks apart from distemper/parvovirus booster) Rabies, killed 3-year product

Perform vaccine antibody titers for distemper and parvovirus annually thereafter.

IMPORTANT: Vaccinate for rabies virus according to the law, except where circumstances indicate that a written waiver needs to be obtained from the primary
care veterinarian. In that case, a rabies antibody titer can also be performed to accompany the waiver request. Some locales do not accept waivers
from rabies booster vaccination regardless of rabies titer levels and written justification from a veterinarian on health grounds.

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