Breed Basics

Breed Genetics

Although The KBTF is inclusive of all mixes of Kerrys, information of the breed standard & genetics is beneficial to know for any dog owner

The Kerry Blue Terrier

Breed Standard

  • Height:18-20 inches (male), 17-19 inches (female)
  • Weight:32-40 pounds (male), females weigh slightly less than males
  • Life Expectancy:12-16 years

Features & Appearance

Known for its burly coat, Kerry Blue Terriers come in various shades of blue—from a deep onyx to a light slate -grey. Their fur soft to the touch  & the coat’s density coat covers a slim, muscular, body standing below 18 – 20 inches at the shoulder. Kerries typically weigh up to 40 pounds depending on diet & exercise. Most notably the their stout beards, keen eyes and floppy bangs show off  historical nature of the Kerry Blue Terrier as a long lived terrier hunting & hearing breed.

KTBF Rescue

The foundation’s key mission is the rescue and placement of Kerry Blue Terriers in good loving & caring homes worldwide. 

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Breed Basics
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Periodicals & Articles

Kerry Club Publications Periodicals Articles “What’s New” Past Issues Kerry Club Publications Breed Booklet, 1940. Mr. Henry Pattison, USKBTC. A 12 page

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