Bad Dog Breath

After posting a question about DOGGIE breath on the Kerry Blue Newslist, there were a variety of suggestions. Here’s a summary.

SEE YOUR VET: Bad breath can be a symptom of illness, so have it checked out. If the diagnosis is tummy upset, try Tums or Pepto tablets. If the vet
says the teeth need to be cleaned, do it (involves anesthesia–but lasts with subsequent care).

DAILY CARE: Tooth brushing (highly recommended–be certain to use Dog tooth paste), hard chews—-Nutro Tartar Control and also Gum Health biscuits
(2 separate recommendations); Pedegree Dentabones; Nylabone digestible types of chews (with this one, there was some concern about goopy beards);
any hard biscuit treat.

BREATH FRESHENERS: Check out a website,

DIETS: Hard Kibble, no water or additions; Natural diets (not packaged kibble) see the book “Dr Pitcaim’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs
and Cats”

FOOD ADDITIONS: Chopped fresh parsley in the food (two recommendations), lemon slice in the water. Additions of fennel or chamomile to the food.

SPECIAL TREATS: Raw beef knuckle bones; hard vegetables (like carrots), marrow bones, raw chicken wings.

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