Ch. Sherwood’s Bernard crossed the Rainbow Bridge on this Valentine’s Day. He was 15 years, 6 days old.

B made it eleven weeks with lymphoma. He was going for walks, along with eating/drinking very well until yesterday. He experienced difficulty getting
up and did not want to eat or drink during the entire day. This morning, he was able to walk into the vet under his own power. The vet clearly
said it was time. I know so many of you out there have had to make this agonizing decision. It was extremely helpful to have the vet let us know,
that we were making the right decision fo B.

B’s sister Kristin and I were there to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge. She was 11 years old when B came into our lives, and handled him to his championship.
It was his mother Judy who provided him with daily walks from 1 to 3 miles.

Today, Kristin reminisced about two occasions handling B. They were waiting to go into the show ring. Kristin had a cute little dress on with white
anklets and black shoes. Bernard was a little anxious, so he lifted his leg and urinated on her anklet and shoe. Another time, she was behind Peter
Green and a KBT he was handling at Grayslake in Illinois. When it was B’s turn to go down and back for the judge, he finished with a 360 spin in
the air as they returned to the judge. A true strong willed KBT.

During the last 45 days, B and I were up during the night at various hours, so he could go outside due to the predisone. About two weeks ago, we were
outside at 3:45 a.m. He finished answering the call of nature and did not want to return to the house. He wanted to go for a walk. The temp was
-23 degrees below zero!!!

Thank you to all the wonderful KBT people out there who gave support and help via this site during the last 11 weeks.

We’ll miss you, and never forget you B!

Heart broken in Minnesota

Mike Sjogren & Judy Peters

St. Cloud, Minnesota

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