Annabelle, the Rescue Kerry

The question is . . . who was rescued? Was it Annabelle, whose family could no longer keep her? Was it Tango, the Stoschers’ lonely Kerry male? Or was
it me? 

After toiling for six months to organize the “perfect wedding on a budget” for daughter Kate, the Stoscher household seemed suddenly very quiet and without
purpose. Kate, with her sunny personality and considerable culinary skill, was sorely missed. No more fantastic meals waiting after a mind numbing
day at work. And no more chatter from a vibrant young person irretrievably in love, just starting her adult life with unlimited possibilities. Even
Tango was a little morose since his landscape gardening skills were no longer appreciated and the local skunk population had taken a nose dive (with
his help).

Enter the Kerry Rescue Lady, Eileen Andrade (or is that the Kerry Rescue Angel?). Would we be interested in giving a home to a seven year old female? Her
name was Annabelle and her family could no longer keep her. She had been fed a diet of cat food so she was a little small and she was having a large
cyst removed by Dr. Han. She talked with her ears and wouldn’t we like to come see her? Yes! Tomorrow, was the only possible answer.


We arrived at Dr. Han’s to find a tiny little female with a scruffy coat and a shaved rear end filled with stitches, who could charm
the socks off the worst scrooge. She did, indeed, “talk with her ears”. She also danced on her back legs to investigate counter tops (someone had taught
her to look but not touch). Annabelle was obviously coming home with us.


Annabelle arrived on the hottest weekend in history. Tango and his raging hormones were enchanted and we had quite a time keeping all of us cool! Annabelle
quickly put Tango in his place and they soon were inseparable. They have become an expert tag team for skunk and deer patrol and Tango has taught Annabelle
a thing or two about landscape gardening and gopher control.

Annabelle’s good manners (i.e. not jumping on furniture or beds) have been negated by Tango’s example and indulgent parents. She, in turn, has taught he
buddy the finer points of begging, although he will never achieve her degree of girlie charm.

It has only been four months since Annabelle joined our family. During those months she has gained weight and her coat has improved, so she now looks like
an elegant Kerry lady. She has also scared us with mysterious maladies and will probably always have a “delicate” constitution, unlike her sturdy male
companion. Most of all, she has found and given love and companionship beyond measure. With that love has come the understanding of the important place
our Kerry companions have in our lives. No matter how bad our day, our evenings are filled with love and renewal.



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