Angus and Charlie Need Help!

That was the call Torie Deremo, received from Thelma Holmes? daughter back in December 2008. Torie is a Rescue Coordinator for Texas Rescue. She needed
to find new homes for these two Kerry boys. Thelma recently died and her husband had a heart attack and could not take care of them. Thelma wanted
to make sure her precious Kerry boys found good homes through Kerry Rescue, and not be put in a shelter. The daughter was making arrangements to move
into her parent?s home with her husband and four young children.


Texas Rescue contacted the Foundation Rescue Coordinator, Tom Sawyer, to work together in finding new homes for Angus and Charlie. Both Tom and the Texas
Kerry Blue Terrier Club were familiar with Thelma and her two Kerries.


To find a new home, a grooming session and pictures were needed to get these guys posted on the Foundation?s web site. The daughter had mentioned that
the boys had not been groomed in a while. Due to Thelma?s long illness, and eventual passing, the grooming process was delayed several times. Grooming
volunteers, Cindy Hatzfeld and Kathleen Sawyer, made it down to the house with tools in hand. At first sight, they looked like big clumps of matted
hair that swayed when they walked. The daughter had tried to wash them the day before to help the grooming process; however, this just made the hair
harder to cut. The hair was so matted and heavy, it took 6-hours and a 30-gallon trash can to shave the dogs down. None of their hair, except a few
tufts around the face, could be saved.



This operation would not have happened without the Texas Rescue Organization and the dedication of Kerry people like Cindy Hatzfeld, Kathleen Sawyer and
Torie Deremo. It was team work extraordinaire.


Angus and Charlie were signed over to the Foundation and their pictures and story are posted on the Foundation?s web site.


Besides permanent homes for rescue Kerries, the Foundation needs foster families. Please take a moment to read the foster family requirements on the Foundation web site. Becoming a foster parent for a Kerry in need, it is a very rewarding experience.


Most of the work to re-home Angus and Charlie, and other rescue Kerrys, is done by local volunteers of the Texas Kerry Club, Texas Rescue Organization
and the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation. Costs like veterinary and airfare/transportation to new homes are paid for by the generous donations of Angels and Kerry lovers like you!



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