An Old Dog's Christmas Wish…

`Twas the night before Christmas and all through the pound,

Not a creature was stirring, except one lonely old hound.

The shelter was decorated in bright holiday trim,

As poor old Jake waited on a visit from Him.

All of Jake’s friends had found a new home,

Except for old Jake, all cold and alone.

But Jake knew it was Christmas, the holiday season.

He hoped his friends were placed for all the right reasons.

He had seen it before, the holiday gift.

A new dog at Christmas, it gave everyone a lift.

But a dog isn’t a gift, it’s a lifetime commitment.

Some people don’t realize that, and it ends in resentment.

The dog that on Christmas, brought so much joy,

Ends up tossed aside, like an old worn-out toy.

The dog becomes a problem; they don’t want it around,

And the poor Christmas pup ends up back in the pound.

So Jake wished the best for all of his friends.

Would he see them again, he guessed it just depends.

If all of the families were worthy of a dog’s undying love,

The next time he saw his friends, it would be up above.

But if they came back, ending up in the pound,

He would see them again, unless Santa came around.

For Jake’s Christmas wish was a home of his own,

With more happiness and love than Jake had ever known.

But the night grew colder and Santa never came.

Who would want an old dog anyway, all crippled and lame.

So Jake closed his eyes and drifted to sleep.

It was a good nap, all peaceful and deep.

Jake didn’t wake up that Christmas Eve night,

But he had found his new home. It would be alright.

For Jake’s Christmas wish had finally come true.

He had found a forever home, where he was loved. He knew.

Jake had been a gift that Christmas Eve night.

He was given to someone with Power and Might.

A dog fit for the King, all noble and regal.

Jake was finally at home, and one happy little beagle.

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