American Guide to Canadian Dog Shows

How do I get information about upcoming Canadian dog shows?

If you have access to the Internet visit If not, phone the Canadian
Kennel Club at (416) 675-5511 and ask for Shows and Trials, Event Planning. The hours are 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday to Friday. A representative
will be able to give you all the pertinent information such as location, dates, club name and the all-important Show Secretary’s name and number.

How do I get a Premium List for the shows I’m interested in?

Contact the appropriate Show Secretary by mail, fax, or telephone and request one.

What does a Premium List tell me?

The Premium List will be similar in appearance and content to the AKC Premium List, including entry form(s), information
on judging assignments, closing date, and directions to the show site. There will normally be information about a telephone, fax, or on-line service
for your convenience. Be aware that mail from the U.S. to Canada may take five to ten days to reach its destination. As there usually is only a
three-week time difference between closing date and show date, an on-line service is well worth a small additional fee.

How many shows are there on a weekend?

The majority of All Breed clubs hold three shows over the weekend – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Each day is a complete
and separate show with different judges, but at one location. Some clubs also have a Monday show and some clubs in nearby locations offer before
or after weekday shows. There could also be concurrent shows at different locations provided there is 250 miles between venues. The same entry
form can be used to enter any or all of the shows held by the same club as the form is designed to allow the exhibitor to choose the day(s) he
wishes to enter.

What is a Specialty Show?

A Specialty show is a separate show for a single breed or a Group held normally in conjunction with an All Breed
show utilizing the same venue – an opportunity to earn an additional set of points in one day. There may be additional classes offered such as
12-18 month, Veterans, Stud Dog & Get, Brood Bitch & Progeny, Best Canadian Bred Dog or Puppy, and Sexually Altered classes. A Breed club
usually offers prizes or trophies for specified wins. All the details will be in the Premium List.

What Is a Booster?

A Booster is the same as a “supported entry” and means that a Specialty club has designated the normal classes of
an All Breed show as a Booster and provides prizes for specified wins. Sorry, no additional points are available.

What Is Sexually Altered?

This class is available only at Specialty Shows. Championship points will be awarded The same rules for awarding
points for a regular championship are pertinent to the Altered class.

What are the requirements for a Canadian Championship?

In order for a dog to be recognized as a Champion and the owner provided with a Championship Certificate, the dog

  1. Earn at least ten points under at least three different judges; and,
  2. Be individually registered in the books of the Canadian Kennel Club or have an Event Registration Number.

A maximum of five points can be credited to a dog per show at Breed or Group level. A dog needs to be awarded at least “Winners” to earn any points.
The complete schedule is explained in the Premium List, but it is worth noting that the Best of Winners award means that a dog is credited with
the number of points representing the category for the dogs COMPETING – male AND female, even if a dog was previously excused from the ring by
the judge. For example, if a dog is awarded Winners and then Best of Winners, all the dogs defeated directly or indirectly in the breed shall be
included in the total.


9 males = 3 points Winners

7 females = 3 points Winners

16 dogs = 5 points Best of Winners

In addition, points may be earned by the Best of Breed dog at Group Level, varying with the number of breeds represented. There are NO majors required.

What Is an Event Registration Number?

All dogs that are foreign born and foreign owned and enter Canada for the sole purpose of entering CKC events no
longer require a CKC registration number but DO require an Event Registration Number. The ERN MUST be applied for within 30 days of the first day
of entering a CKC event to avoid cancellation of any awards or scores. The fee is $53.50 Cdn. per dog payable to the Canadian Kennel Club by Visa,
Mastercard or certified cheque.

To obtain an ERN simply send a written request to the CKC with the following information:

  1. the name of the dog
  2. the breed of dog
  3. the name of the owner
  4. the current mailing address and telephone number of the owner
  5. a photocopy of the dog’s registration certificate reflecting current ownership
  6. the fee (discounted cheques in U.S. dollars will not be accepted)

Faxed requests are accepted as long as credit card information is provided (legible Visa or Mastercard number, expiration date, cardholder name, and

An assigned ERN may be used indefinitely.

Forward your request to: The Canadian Kennel Club 100 – 89 Skyway Avenue Toronto, Ont. Canada M9W 6R4 Phone (416) 675-551 1 Fax (416) 675-6506

It is not necessary to have an ERN before entering a Canadian show but the All Breed or Specialty club will require a “listing” fee with your entry.

It is important to note that the CKC will only accept a photocopy of a regular, full registration not an AKC Limited or an ILP registration. These
will be rejected.

If I want to enter an Obedience trial how do I know what class (A or B) to enter?