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When a farmer in County Kerry is talking about “his Kerries” he is not talking about his dogs but his cows. The Kerry cow is a medium size, dark brown
bovine, with short legs to handle the steep hills of County Kerry.

Some people eat Kerry Blues. In Ireland there are many varieties of blue potatoes. They look more purple than blue, but they are a distict variety. They
are sometimes called “Purple Chief” or Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Kerry.

There is a breed of sheep whose owners tell the same story about a sheep swimming ashore after a ship sank of the cost of England at the time of the Spanish
armada (rings any bells?) This was on an Irish television program and reported by Hugh Jordan. More about Kerry Hill Sheep.

Hugh Jordan also reports: “You may be interested to know of a flower that grows in Kerry called The Kerry Lilly (simethis planifolia). The only place in Ireland that this plant grows is in the Ring of Kerry. This plant also grows in Spain, France and Italy. They
think that it came across on wine casks that were smuggled ashore along the Kerry coast. (or maybe it came ashore with a Spanish dog).”

The Kerry Pony is a distinct breed of pony. It became almost extinct in 1994. That was also the year the breed was certified as a distinct breed. A herd
is building up in County Kerry. More info on the Kerry Bog Pony.

The Kerry Slug or Kerry spotted slug is a rare species of medium-sized to large
air-breathing land slug. It is a terrestrial pulmonategastropod mollusc in the family
Arionidae, the roundback slugs.

An adult Kerry slug generally measures 7?8 cm (2.8?3.2 in) in length and is dark grey or brownish in colour, with yellowish spots. The internal anatomy
of the slug shows some unusual features, and some characteristic differences from the genus Arion, which is the type genus of the family Arionidae.
The Kerry slug was described in 1843, rather late compared to many other relatively large land gastropods that form a part of the fauna of the British
Isles; this is one indication of this slug’s rarity and its secretive habits.

Although the distribution of this slug species does include some wild habitats in southwestern Ireland (e.g. in County Kerry),
the species is more widespread in north-west Spain and from central to northern Portugal.

A carton of Kerries

Hugh Jordan informs us that for a short time in Ireland there was also a variety of cigarettes called Kerry Blues.

Judith Bruno reports that in the seventies, “The Kerrry Blues” was an Irish pop band.

Click here for photos from the seventies: Photo 1, Photo 2.

They continued to play until 2003.

Last Dance

The Kerry Blues Playing their last gig after a 37 year career

Seated: From left Johnny Wall and Alfie Curtin

Standing: From left John Curtin,Brendan Curtin and Bernie O’Connor

The newspaper cutting came from the Kerry Eye Newspaper, and they played their last gig in the

Gleneagles Hotel, Killarney on the 10th January , 2003.

Judith Bruno reports that Mikasa has a pattern called Kerry Blue, but it is not a dog.

Martha Stewart Living paint collection at Home Depot has a collor called “Kerry Blue Terrier”. Judith Bruno provided the information and sample color.

Martha Stewart Living 8 oz. Kerry Blue Terrier Interior Paint Tester #MSL161

Model # MSL161 Internet # 202097957

Martha Stewart Living Beekman Kerry Blue Terrier

Martha Stewart Living Beekman Kerry Blue Terrier 6 in. x 9 in.

Take Home Sample

Model # 849161 Internet # 202506567

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