Alfred Hitchcock’s The Kerry Blue

Submitted by Suzanne Rodda and others. Pictures provided by Bridgit Greer

Alfred Hitchcock was a Kerry owner and made a short movie for TV about a Kerry Blue. It was episode #257, made for season #7, first aired on 4/17/62. The show was called “The Kerry Blue” and I believe he used his own dogs.

It’s a half hour show made for TV. The dog is a Kerry (and a cutie) in a Kerry cut. She’s called Annie.

The story is about a couple and their Kerry Blue. The husband is very much attached to Annie, while the wife has no feelings for the dog. The story takes off when the husband leaves for a business trip.

This episode is introduced by Alfred Hitchcock, but it was not directed by him. There is no cameo apperance of Hitchcock in this eposide.

Below are some frames of the movie:

Annie, always eager to please her master.

Annie gets a new dog house.

Annie receives her last goodbye…..

Begging at the table.

Watch the movie now below. It is about 20 minutes long and may need several minutes to load. Please be patient. The movie was made from an old VHS tape, hence the poor quality. Thanks to Daryl Enstone for the VHS, and Louise Lang for the mp4 version.Video Player

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