A Kerry Pointer?

Sure. We know our Kerries are good ratters (well, usually!). They also make excellent watch dogs, not to mention lap dogs! But pointers?

Here’s Ann Passey’s story as printed in Blue’s News & Reviews, the Kerry Blue Terrier Club of England newsletter.

Near to where we live is a forest which was laid flat by the terrible gales of a few years back. Now young trees have grown again, several feet
high. We often walk through these trees with our Kerry, Kamaghan Captain Courageous.

One day, he suddenly stopped, stood perfectly still, head up, staring at something ahead of him. Puzzled, we went up to him and to our
delight, saw a deer. This has happened now on several occasions since, and he always remains in the same stance, never makes any noise,
and waits for us to come and clip on his lead before moving.

We seem to be the only ones to have seen the deer, and we would not have had that privilege if it wasn’t for our Kerry ‘pointer’!

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