A Guide to Ear Setting for the Kerry Blue

Lois Croley and Charlene Dwyer

Ear pasting can be a mystery to pet owners and a challenge to breeders. Lois Croley and Charlene Dwyer have created a pictoral desription to demystify the process. 
Some of the sections covered:

  • Kerry Ear Setting in General
  • Examples of Low Ear Settings
  • Examples of Well Placed Ears
  • View of the Perfect Ear Set
  • Adhesives Used to Set Ears
  • Cleaning the Ears
  • Final Prep for Setting
  • Mechanics of Ear Setting
  • Setting Well Placed Ears
  • Final Ear Setting Tips
  • Photos of Puppies with Set Ears
  • The Finished Product
  • Perfect Examples
  • Correct Ear from Behind
  • Troubleshooting
  • Incorrect Ear Sets
  • Setting Large Houndy Ears
  • Setting Small Thin Ears
  • Setting Ears with Low Placement
  • Setbacks to Success
  • Summary
  • Where to get more Information

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