2006 Sumer’s Pride Rescue


Rescued on August 26, 2006

Cheers rose up from both coasts this afternoon (26-Aug-06) from our Rescue Team when the news finally came: Our bidder rescued all 4 Kerries in today’s
dog auction in Missouri. All are going home, and will never see the inside of a mill again!

We have a 5-year-old female whose name I have seen for years in mill pedigrees, and after whom this Rescue is named. Her birthday was just 10 days ago,
but her rebirth begins today. We also rescued 2 of her 5-month-old puppies, a male and a female, and a 3-year-old male. Their condition is described
as “shaggy and muddy,” and temperaments appear to be very good. We are so grateful to have them!

Scared on the auction block

We want to thank our bidder who did a superb job for us today. She drove over 850 miles for us alone (now that’s dedication!), and managed to acquire our
Kerries at very low prices. They are being boarded with our friends at the boarding kennel in Kansas City where they will be cleaned up, vetted, and
prepared for their flights to their foster homes. We want to thank our Rescue Team, especially Dianne Ewing, Tracey Fulmer, and Julie Written, for
pulling together once again to solve logistics problems, find foster/adoptive homes, and arrange their flights. Our team has done it again!

Whether we rescue 4 or 34 Kerries, every one saved represents dozens of puppies that will not be born in the mills. And every one saved is one less Kerry
that will rot in squalid conditions in pain and misery, and die afraid and unloved. Our Rescue Kerries will know the warmth of a kitchen, the joy of
a back yard, and the love of a family. Every Rescue is worth it. One by one, we will empty the mills until every Kerry is home.

From: J. Joers

Subject: [KBL] The Eagles Have Landed

Date: September 5, 2006 8:51:01 PM PDT

Despite some delayed flights due to thunderstorms out East, our 4 Summer’s Pride Rescue Kerries have all arrived safely tonight in their foster homes.
From Philadelphia to Boston, Washington D.C., and Atlanta, our Kerry kids are now in the arms of their foster families, with a good dinner waiting
and a cushy bed to call their own. Tonight their lives as companion dogs begin, thanks to the loving families who stepped forward to foster them. We
will post photos and write-ups of each dog on the web site as soon as their personalities unfold.

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