2006 Southern Comfort Rescue: Mini



                           Minerva Before Her Shave



                               Mini During Her Shave


         Mini After Her Shave         Mini’s Ear Was Full Of Hair



Mini was moved to her foster mom, Leah Brogden. Below is Leah’s report.

I just wanted to give you a quick update on our girl, Mini.

She is very sweet and starving for attention. She has adapted to the crate with no issues what so ever (no crate accidents). My 2 year old niece is visiting
this week also, so we’ve had a chance to see how she is with children. She has literally dragged “MINI” around the house by her collar and has been
very agreeable to the drag. We had some growling from Mini at

the beginning to the other 3 dogs in the house, but that has gotten better every day. These dogs definitely haven’t been without food, food isn’t
as important to Mini as attention. I am so proud of our girl, she will walk on a short lease easily, is already sitting for treats, and loves to chase
cats and squirrels. I think I lucked out for my first foster.

WOW, what a change from the girl I picked up on Saturday (14-Oct-06).

Brenda did such a great job with the grooming. I was sooo pleased to have

her be able to keep her fall.

What a great experience. The peeps for the Wheaten we are babysitting have

already commented that they might be interested in a Kerry recue dog for

their new dog.


From: “Tony & Leah Brogden” <[email protected]>

Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2006 2:35 PM

Subject: Minerva(Mini) update

Hi […],

Thought you might like to see a picture of Mini on her way to her forever

home. Her new Mommy picked her up in her new blue convertible. I think

she (Mini) likes it. Mini’s new family has a list of Irish names and

meanings, so look for a name change soon. Her new family reports that she

was an angel last night(her first night in her new home). They are already

planning their Christmas trip to St. George Island so Mini can see and play

in the Gulf of Mexico. They are all thrilled and I’m sure her new family will keep you all updated.


Leah, the foster mom.

From: [email protected]

Subject: Update on Mini – now Eadaoin

Date: October 29, 2006 1:47:35 PM PST

Hi all,

We have a new name for Mini. We came up with a short list of Irish girl names and the winner was Eadaoin (eh-DEEN), which means “happy friend” and she
is living up to her name. Eadaoin has settled in here very nicely. She loves going for long walks in the neighborhood and playing with her new squeaky
toy. She’s met all the other dogs in the neighborhood at the bus stop in the morning and has fit right in. Yesterday she went to her first soccer game. She
loves to ride in the car, which is a good thing, because we love to take her wherever we go and she’s even gotten used to riding on the golf cart.
I think she’s a natural fit with our family!


My daughter, Sydney, is in the pictures with her.

She (the dog) will be spayed on 11/9 and at that time,
the vet will do some extra tests to see what the status of the heartworm infestation is. His initial checkup last week showed clear lungs and a regular
heartbeat and he said that was a good sign.

I’ll send more information in the future, until then, thanks again, I think we’re all better off now that we have our “happy friend” and I know she’s a
happy girl!

September Holstad






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