2006 Southern Comfort Rescue: Francie, now Shannon



                          Francie Before Her Haircut



   Francie During Her Shave          Francie After Her Cut

Subject: The Life of Shannon 

Date: September 17, 2011 5:33:35 PM PDT

Shannon, some of you may recall, was originally a KBT Foundation
rescue when she was less than a year old. I got her when she was around 4, after she’d had a litter of pups (of which Riley was one), and
she had mammary cancer.

We had the original tumor removed. Nine months later, she had another one,

and when the biopsy came back “cancer,” but they didn’t have clean margins, I took her to the Univ of Tenn Vet School for chemo, every 3 weeks
for 5 treatments. Since then she’s had three follow-up checks, all clean.


Shannon at age 4 (silver blue), and
Riley, her son, age 18 months (darkest black)

In July, all of a sudden, she had a growth at the base of her tail. I took

her to our regular vet, and they advised removing it, immediately. We were

going to FL for 3 weeks in a few days, and I said I’d think about it. At

the beach, I got clear that if it was cancerous, I wouldn’t subject her to

any more surgery. I want the rest of her life to be fun and good – not

recovering from surgery. I scheduled an appointment with the alternative

vet near here, and she confirmed that 98% of that kind of growth is

cancerous. She also supported my decision not to have surgery (which she

does, BTW), since it’s delicate and can result in anal incontinence. She’s

put Shannon on several supplements to support her immune system, and may do

acupuncture if it’s needed. No guarantees, but she said that Shannon may

have several more years.

So today, Shannon and I went on a 10-mile hike with a friend and his 100 lb

Weimeraner-Lab mix, Napoleon. I decided to take only one dog, since if the

3 went in different directions, I couldn’t cope, and I picked Shannon to go

with me. Now, I didn’t know it was going to be a 10 mile hike. He kept

saying we could stop whenever I wanted. And we did stop and cook lunch,

then continued about another half mile to see a beautiful waterfall. Then,

we had to return. I ran out of gas about 1/3 of the way back, but there was

nothing to do but keep going. Shannon felt the same way, I think, because

instead of running ahead (as Napoleon continued to do), she just followed us

on the way back. But she was a trooper and never faltered. When we’d come

to streams, Napoleon would wade in and lie down to drink, but Shannon would

prance around until she was standing on rocks (no paws in the stream, thank

you) and then drink.

Needless to say, she slept thru the 45 minute drive home, ate her dinner,

and is sleeping beside me on the couch now. Dante and Riley, on the other

hand, are full of energy and I’m just pawning them off on chew toys.

Tomorrow is another day… Scarlet said.


The three dogs in the last picture are Shannon (darker),
Riley (silvering), and Dante, a Biewer Terrier.
They are 6, 3, and 18 months old.
Janet McCallen is holding the leashes.







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