2006 Shelbina Express: Olivia, or Livvy

From: Rita Lockwood 

Subject: [KBL] – Miss Olivia –

Date: December 12, 2006 11:42:35 AM PST

Miss Olivia was doing great when she first got here from the Shelbina Express Rescue last spring.

Then the trauma of changes, health issues, including a bladder infection, and a pregnancy, followed by motherhood and spaying sort of overwhelmed her.

As you know she was a wonderful mother to her Magnificent 7 puppies. She continues to relate well to other dogs and cats, but she felt a strong need to
just take some quiet time, recuperate, learn about this new world she lives in, and learn to trust and relate to humans.

Livvy is amazing. She now knows there is nothing likely to happen that she can’t handle successfully. She does not always stand as proud as some Kerries,
but at her current rate of change, I’m guessing that will take about 3 more days.

She sleeps in a crate, and is fed in a crate. If I am late with her meals, she is likely to go into her crate and wait. If the food is not being prepared
fast enough, she may bark to chastise the tardy servant. Otherwise, she rarely barks.

Her method of asking for attention or “outside” is a bit unusual, at least for our house. She dances back and forth fairly near the door if she wants out.

She gets directly in front of you and crouches if she wants to be picked up, and loves to be held and brushed or petted. She may or may not prefer men,
I’m not certain, but she definitely likes them.

She is still wary of strangers, but the only time she has ever displayed any aggression was when I tried to force a pill down her. I now dissolve any meds
and mix it with her food.

Very low key – she generally spends her days in the house, often in the same room with me. Outside she romps with the other Kerries, inside she may nap
near them, or occasionally nuzzle one, licking eyes, ears, or just nap overlapped. Charlie Cat, and other neighborhood cats, get little to no attention
from her at all. If Charlie chooses to lie down near Olivia, Livvy doesn’t even twitch.

From: [email protected]

Subject: [KBL] A note from Sky

Date: October 25, 2007 1:51:39 PM PDT

This note is forwarded from John & Lorna Jennings, Sky and Olivia (now Ms. Livvy)

To All the Fine Folks who are part of the Kerry Blue Foundation:

I would like to introduce myself – my name is Sky. I am an eleven year old Kerry Blue Terrier and I live with my Mom and Dad, John and Lorna Jennings and
their grandson Bradley.

Early in January, we were visited by a lovely lady whose name is Eileen Andrade. She arrived in her van and my Mom and I went out to greet her as she pulled
up outside our house. After my initial examination of a stranger and deciding that Eileen was very acceptable, I proceeded to explore her van. It seemed
very attractive to me with a crate, toys and treats for us canine fellows and I decided to jump in and make myself comfortable! Actually, I would have
been quite happy to have been taken for a ride!

After we came back into the house, my Mom and Eileen had a good talk and Eileen informed Mom that she was going to Oregon and would be back in two weeks.

As she promised, Eileen arrived back in Sacramento from Oregon and she brought with her a beautiful little Kerry Blue Terrier, very pretty, whose name
is Olivia. I became very excited as I thought at first that Eileen had brought me a new wife and I attempted to become somewhat amorous with Olivia!
After a quiet but firm admonishment from my Mom and Dad, I realised that Olivia was to be my little sister and not my wife. I became quite vocal and
barked excitedly but soon settled down and laid down at Eileen’s feet and she petted me.

Poor little Olivia had been through a lot of trauma during her young life having been rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri in March of 2006 and was at
first VERY timid and nervous. She also had some tummy problems and became very upset when she had some ‘accidents’. Her tummy seemed to settle down
for a while but then she bacame sick again about a month ago and spent a day at the Vet’s – Dr. Zack Morgan. He is a very kind, wonderful man and he
cradled Olivia in his arms and gently spoke to her to help settle her down and after treating her successfully, Dr. Morgan put Olivia on a special
diet and she is doing very well now.

For the first few weeks, I had to learn to adjust to Olivia’s presence as I had had my Mom and Dad and Bradley to myself and I must admit, I have been
pampered. Olivia ‘glued’ herself to me and followed me everywhere and sometimes I felt I needed some privacy and I would hide in the walk-in closet
in my Mom and Dad’s bedroom! Olivia would lay down by the closet and patiently wait for me. She follows me around everywhere and watches me chase squirrels
in the back yard. I have now become accustomed to this adorable little girl and know that she is here to stay and is very much a part of our family.

Olivia has a fear of plates, bowls, dishes, paper bags, boxes and so on. At first, my Mom had to hand feed Olivia and we were very worried because she
would not go near a drinking bowl. Since it rained quite a lot when she first came to us, she would lick the water off the grass in the back yard!
She has now progressed to a little plastic dish and drinks but still approaches the dish cautiously. She is however, continuing to make steady progress
in every way, I am happy to say.

We all love Olivia very much and no one will ever hurt her again. She has gained 10lbs in weight and her tail is not clamped between her legs so much anymore.
She barks excitedly and jumps around me when we first go outside in the mornings. It takes me a while to wake up as I am quite a ‘lump’ compared to
our darling Olivia. I in fact weigh 62lbs!! Like Olivia, I am now on a special high fiber diet and doing well also.

My Mom and Dad, Bradley and I would like to convey our heartfelt thanks to the Kerry Blue Foundation for bringing Olivia into our hearts and our home and
we feel that in time, Olivia will heal emotionally and become the fiesty little girl that we think she is capable of becoming and of course will do
the Kerry Blue breed proud!!!

Love and best wishes from us all – Sky

From: [email protected]

Subject: Livvy

Date: September 4, 2009 11:46:58 AM PDT

To: [email protected]

I was delighted to read the update on Aiofe. She sounds a lot like her mommy, our beloved Olivia (Livvy). Like Aiofe, Livvy is small weighing in at 29
lbs and has blossomed into the ‘full blown Kerry’ she was meant to be, so playful, runs as fast as any greyhound, bossy (with Blu and Buddy), prima
donna, CEO (as Rita said), very loving, gives kisses, pretends to be shy and timid when she wants to be,steals Buddies bones and toys and then has
him chasing her to retrieve them, gets groomed and then goes out and rolls in the sticky leaves and looks at me knowing full well I can’t get mad at

Yes, you guessed it – she can’t do anything wrong and as we observe her in her contentment and happiness, we thank God and the Kerry Blue Foundation for
rescueing her 3 years ago. I wonder how she would be if she met up

with her 7 puppies??? Would love to see recent pictures of them.

Lorna with Blu, Buddy and Livvy in Sacramento, CA

From: [email protected]

Subject: Livvy

Date: March 25, 2011 6:06:48 PM PDT

To: [email protected]

Livvy is healthy, happy and glad to be alive and adores her two “brothers”, Blu (KBT) and Buddy (Wheaten). She is quite the “Miss Bossy Boots” around this
house and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love her dearly and no one will ever hurt her again.

Lorna, John, Blu, Livvy and Buddy in Sacramento

Date: May 16, 2013

From: Rita Lockwood

Subject: Magnificent Seven

Lorna tells us Ms Livvy is a Kerry who does her breed proud. She is still Livvy; but she is also Miss Bossy Boots! – Did I mention she is Kerry! Although
her first KBT friend there has passed away, she convinced the Jennings to get another male KBT for her. And to keep the Wheaten they had at home “temporarily”
(You read the “Miss Bossy Boots” part, Right?) In Lorna’s words “She taunts them when they are chewing on their bully sticks and then steals them at
the first opportunity! Livvy loves yogurt popsicles but always shares with Blu and Buddy. Livvy sleeps on our bed with us and religiously sits up at
seven a.m. and stares at John to let him know she wants to go outside to do her business. Also, at that time, she expects John to turn on the garden
hose as she likes to drink the water from it. The only time Livvy ever shows any aggression is when John accidentally touches her with his foot during
the night and then she yells at him! To make up for it, she smothers him with kisses when he gets up in the morning!

Rita Lockwood, Oregon

Date: June 14, 2014

From: Lorna

Subject: Happy Birthday, Livvy

HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY to our darling Livvy (mother of the magnificent seven).

Livvy is doing very well apart from an allergic skin condition for which we are using Rita’s remedy of coconut oil. We call her Miss Bossy Boots as she
expects her dinner and her evening walk to be ON TIME and not a minute late!!! Also, she objects to suddenly being disturbed from her naps and will
give the disturber quite a vocal admonishment!!! She is very affectionate and at bedtime she loves to snuggle in between John & me.

John & Lorna, Livvy & Buddy in Sacramento, CA

Date: June 16, 2014

From: John Van den Bergh

Subject: Happy Birthday, Livvy

Today I went to see Livvy at her home in Sacramento. I had not seen her since she had her puppies in Portland.

Lorna & John were gracious in letting me take some pictures of our birthday girl.


John Van den Bergh

President KBTF

Date: June 14, 2015

From: Lorna

Subject: Happy Birthday, Livvy

Today is Livvy’s 12th birthday and it is being celebrated quietly at home.

We have been experiencing some very hot weather here in Sacramento and neither Livvy nor Buddy particularly enjoy it! That goes for me too! Thank God for
air conditioning!

Apart from skin allergies for which we have tried everything under the sun, Livvy is doing very well I am happy to say. Still loves car rides, jumps joyously
into the car and also onto our bed. She is still Miss Bossy Boots, gobbles up her dinner and then wants to help Buddy eat his!

Love to all,

From Lorna in Sacramento & Ms Livvy, mother of the Magnificent Seven

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