2006 Rocky Comfort Rescued Kerries: Casey

#382 Casey, born 4/6/04

Casey on the day of her rescue.

 Wednesday, July 26, 2006, at 08:51 AM, Bonnie wrote:



We are finally home. Casey is fascinated with her image in the sliding glass door. She wags her tail and tries to play. She doesn?t seem to be the least
bit dog aggressive. She has really taken to Chris and he to her. I?m a good substitute if he is not in the room. She came with pills for hook worm,
an antibiotic (cephalexin) for her skin and panolog for the hot spots. Her temp was recorded as 102.5 high normal. She is terribly camera shy so I
only got one picture. I question whether she has ever had a litter ? it will be a question for the vet. She traveled easily in the car and seemed to
really enjoy herself in very short spurts.

More later,



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