2006 Rocky Comfort Rescue

7 Kerries Rescued, 3 Dead, 5 Lost

Today (7/22/06) we rescued 7 Kerries from a suffocatingly hot and humid puppy mill in the muggy Missouri town of Rocky Comfort. No comfort existed for
our Kerries there. Three of the Kerries up for auction died before we could save them. They were left to bake in 100-degree temperatures in unprotected
pens. One died from the heat, and two died during the night from an attack by “something” (a bobcat or wolf?), and their mangled bodies were found
the next day. Among the dead was Faith’s 5.5-year-old sister (Faith was #2 from the April Surprise Rescue), and the other two were 1-year-old males.
The remaining 5 Kerries were sold to another mill to be bred for profit, in conditions no better than where they were today.

The Kerries at today’s auction sweltered in their cages, some in overgrown, matted coats, with nothing but slimy green water in their pails. One by one,
our 7 were rescued for the lowest prices we’ve ever seen for our breed. One young female is missing a foot. We got her for $10. The average price we
paid was less than a hundred dollars.

As I write this, our 7 Kerries are safely on their way in an air-conditioned van to Kansas City. There, our friends at the Good Shepherd Pet Motel are
waiting to receive them, with food, water, a comfy bed, and an air-conditioned facility. In the coming days, they will be bathed, groomed, and vetted,
then transported to their foster or adoptive homes. These dogs stand at the threshold of a whole new life. They have been saved.

The 3 Kerries that died–all of them AKC-registered–suffered a terrible death. There was no one to help them or protect them, or alleviate their agony.
None of the hundreds of USDA regulations nor any of the AKC’s touted inspections could save them. Two of these dogs, and possibly all three, were sold
at the Seymour auction last March 18th, the same day the Foundation was rescuing 34 more Kerries up at Shelbina. We had asked the USKBTC for help,
but no one came. Today it is too late.

I would like to ask each of you to dig deep in your heart, and ask yourself if could take just one Kerry, only temporarily, to save it from such as fate
as these three. If we do not have the foster homes we need, we have no recourse but to leave them in the mills, alone and unloved, to suffer and die.
If we do not have the volunteers needed to organize these rescues, more Kerries will be left behind. If we do not have the donations to continue our
work, more Kerries will die in pain and misery. The time to volunteer is now. The 3 dead Kerries could have been saved. They came heartbreakingly close
to having a loving home, like the 7 we rescued. Our prayers and sorrow go to them, and our resolve stiffens to save those still in the mills.

Jan in Santa Ynez, CA

Past Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation, Rescue Director

From: Janet Joers

Date: Wed Jul 26, 2006 12:36:20 AM US/Pacific

Tonight, 3 of our 7 Rocky Comfort Kerries are safely home. We had a 3-hour flight delay in Houston for the little girl bound for San Francisco (the little
one with the missing foot), and then somehow, she missed that flight! She had to wait even longer, and arrived over 6 hours late. But she is home tonight,
safe and sound. The girls that flew to Cleveland and Denver arrived just fine. The remaining 4 fly out tomorrow.

The vet report was heartening. Overall health is very good. We have the usual eye infections and parasites, but surprisingly, not many ear infections despite
ears packed with hair. Only 2 dogs were put on oral antibiotics. The girl with the missing paw apparently had her toes amputated some time ago, and
the wound is completely healed.

Many of the dogs were caked with mud–mud that clung like glue and required multiple bathings of some dogs. The Foundation would like to thank Fern Rogers,
long-time Kerry breeder, who unexpectedly appeared on the scene and groomed all 7 Kerries the best she could in the short time she had. Mats were scissored
off, heads clippered, and each dog looked worlds better when she was through. Fern also helped assess temperament (all are good!), and there is none
better in the Kerry world to do that. We are grateful to have her expertise for our Rescue kids.

Godspeed to our 4 girls traveling tomorrow, homeward bound!

Jan in Santa Ynez, CA

From: Janet Joers

Date: Thu Jul 27, 2006 1:02:12 AM US/Pacific

Despite a delayed flight out of Kansas City this morning, and thunderstorms in Houston (our connecting city), our last 4 Rocky Comfort girls arrived safely
in the arms of their foster parents. In all 7 Kerries were shipped to 7 different destinations. It’s a good time to thank Julie Written, our Transportation
Coordinator, once again for arranging all these flights.

As I read through the early reports on how our Kerry kids were doing in their new homes, I was struck with the outpouring of love and enthusiasm from our
foster families. I got caught up in the excitement of each dog’s arrival, and the joy of visualizing a dog admiring her reflection in a window, bouncing
around her first back yard, eating her first meal with gusto, and falling asleep like an angel in the arms of her foster mom or dad. I was also moved
by the descriptions of the dog’s behavior–thumping tails beating a rhythm inside a crate, giving Kerry kisses to the faces and hands of their new
people, exploring their new homes with great curiosity, tails up. We are extremely fortunate to have such excellent temperaments, and families that
appreciate them!

Some of the reports on our Rocky Comfort Kerries are already posted on the web site with photos, and more will be coming. As you look at the photos, please
notice the spiffy collars our girls are sporting. These tropical Hawaiian beauties in splashy colors were donated by Barbara Kam before we knew about
this auction, and I’m grateful we had them on hand. Our girls look ever so chic! Thank you, Barbara, for making our girls look and feel pretty for
the first time in their lives.

And a big thanks to our Rescue Team, especially Dianne Ewing, Tracey Fulmer, and Eileen Andrade who put their time, effort, and hearts into securing the
freedom of 7 very special girls.

Jan in Santa Ynez, CA

Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation, Rescue Director


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