2006 Rescue Kerries Placed

Below are stories and updates on some of the Kerries placed by the Foundation during 2006.


Index of 2006 Rescue Kerries



This little beauty was picked up by an alert rescuer and turned over to the Kerry Foundation. She is quite the lady of mystery as her owner did not want
to disclose any information about her. We suspect Teeny was imported from Europe, as her tail is undocked, probably for the sole purpose of breeding.



Teeny is a year old, and in good shape, up to date on shots and soon to be spayed. She is housebroken and incredibly sweet but timid. Teeny is already
emerging out of her shell in the foster home she shares with other dogs and was recently was groomed by a knowledgeable Kerry breeder and volunteer,
who reported: “She was pushing against me all the time. Just wanted to sit next to me. Her tail is constantly wagging. She was very good on the table,
so it looks like she was groomed on regular basis. Not afraid of clippers. So as far as I can tell she is typical people- oriented Kerry Blue, but
will need some time to overcame her shyness. She is intense with her desire to please “



Patrick is a 5-year old, neutered male Kerry Blue Terrier that is looking for a new home. His previous owners lived in a small apartment with a new baby,
and there was no room or time for Patrick. He stayed with friends temporarily, but they could not keep him permanently along with their existing dog,
who was Patrick?s best friend. Patrick is now in foster care in Nashville living with two male terriers.


While Patrick does OK with other male dogs, in his ideal home, he would be an only dog or would share his home with a female. He is very, very people-oriented
and follows his family members around everywhere they go. He loves toys, and managed to remove every toy from his foster home?s toy box in less than
2 days. He enjoys playing ball and will return the ball to you in exchange for another ball. He also loves walks and is very calm on a leash. He is
the type of dog who could easily go to ball games and soccer games with his owners.

Patrick is well-behaved both in the house and out. He also knows his basic obedience commands, such as sit, down, and off, and is house-trained. His stay
is OK as long as you remain nearby, but his desire to be with you overrides his desire to be obedient. He does have an issue with barking which his
foster home has been addressing with much progress. He now stops barking when asked and comes running for a treat! Like many dogs, Patrick has some
fear of thunderstorms, but does not get frantic, and has been left at home without incident. His adoptive family should plan to take him to a refresher
obedience class (a requirement of our Adoption Contract), to help form a bond with Patrick and to challenge him mentally. He learns new things easily
and with great enthusiasm.


Patrick has been well cared for by his owners, both physically and emotionally. He has not had any health problems, he is up-to-date on his vaccinations,
and is microchipped. All medical records are on file with the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation and will be distributed to the new owners.

He likes to chase neighborhood cats, but it seems like it is for fun. He has never shown aggression toward a cat. He has also never lived with one.

An ideal home would be one where no major life changes are expected, so that this placement will truly be his forever home. Patrick?s previous owners have
reported no issues with children, but his activity level and interest in being in on everything leads us to believe that he would do best in a home
with children older than 6. Patrick?s sweet nature makes him want to sleep in his owners bed, snuggle up with them while they are watching TV, and
he is happy to either sit in your lap or lie down at your feet. He loves to be petted. We hope his new home will be able to accommodate this desire,
as he really is a sweetheart of a dog who deserves the best in life.


March 1, 2014 Update

Patrick came to me from the KBTF on July 3 ’06, crossing the border with me into Canada in the wee hours of the morning of the 4th of July. An affectionate
and playful dog, he immediately stole my heart. Anxious to please and intelligent he never gave me any guff except in fun when playing with a tennis
ball or a Frisbee. We soon moved from Toronto to Ottawa when my parents required more care, where Patrick saw his first snowy winter, and quickly took
to surfing in the swimming pool in summer, his favorite activity. Once settled in, his good nature allowed him to enjoy the company of many of the
neighborhood dogs, and the woods behind the house allowed them the freedom to play and walk off-lead. A naturally gregarious dog, full of the best
of Kerry personality, he became a weekly visitor to the senior’s residence, where he was a particular hit on St. Patrick’s days.

Patrick left me on January 21/’14 after developing cancer. Although presently heartbroken, I would be remiss if I did not thank the KBTF and Jan Joers
for their help in Patrick’s adoption. Special thanks too to Kimberly Battles for her invaluable help with the adoption, who fostered Patrick so well
in Tennessee, and for whom he retained great affection. My life has been immeasurably enriched by sharing it with this wonderful fellow.


Phoebe–5 yr. old female

Phoebe was rescued from a dog auction last March by a private rescue group in Georgia, and turned over to the Kerry Foundation 3 1/2 months later when
the group dissolved their Rescue program. Born and raised in a puppy mill, and bred twice a year to produce puppies to enrich the puppy mill, sweet
little Phoebe is ready for a new life!


This little girl has suffered much in the mills. She is missing some of her teeth (which does not affect her eating or drinking–she has a great appetite!)
and has long suffered from untreated ear infections. She came to us with her ear canals swollen shut and packed with debris. As a result, she has lost
much of her hearing, but her vet does not believe it is permanent. Within a week in our care, her ears have greatly improved and we expect some, and
hopefully most of her hearing to return soon. Meanwhile, Phoebe is learning hand signals, and is proving to be a quick and eager learner! She is very
smart and easy to train.


Although well socialized with other dogs and completely non-aggressive with them, Phoebe prefers the company of people rather than dogs, and will bond
like glue to her new owners. She adores people, and happily greets strangers and children alike. Gentle, quiet, and affectionate, Phoebe wants nothing
more than to be by your side (or in your lap!), receiving pets and returning kisses. The only time we’ve heard her bark is when she wakes up in the
morning to be let out. She is crate-trained, and it is easy to learn her schedule for house-training.

The best home for Phoebe is one where someone will be with her during the day to be her companion, and give her the love and attention she never had. Her
new family needs to understand and appreciate her current hearing loss, and have the patience and willingness to work with that. She will benefit from
training and exercise, proper nutrition and routine health care, but beyond that, her needs are few. This is a dog to love and cherish–one of our
“good as gold” Rescue Kerries–and she deserves a very special home.

From: Janet Joers <[email protected]>

Date: Fri Jul 21, 2006 9:46:05 AM US/Pacific

Phoebe, now named Annie, happily arrives in her new home. More good news: her hearing has returned! Deaf when she arrived in foster care, with ear canals
swollen shut and packed solid with dirt and hair, she can hear again thanks to the efforts of her foster mom and new owners. Her new life begins!


5-month-old male

Grady came into rescue because an alert Kerry owner and her daughter saw him

in a pet store at a mall in Staten Island, NY and contacted us. He was for

sale for $1200.00. Not only did Brenda contact us immediately, but she also

offered to be Grady’s “watch dog” at the store. She visited him regularly

for socialization, she monitored his health (which was up and down) and any

change in price. Brenda did ALL the right things. She was able to develop a

friendly relationship with the staff at the pet store so that as time

passed, they actually worked with us to get him into rescue.

By the time we discovered Grady at the store, he had already been there for

a month, and according to staff members, customers had shown little to no

interest in him. As we constantly tell pet store owners, Kerries rarely sell

in that venue, and as weeks and then months go by, the pup becomes less and

less appealing to pet store customers. Slowly the store begins to reduce

their asking price and when it gets to the point where we know that the

store is losing money on him, we can make an offer to “take him off their

hands” for a fraction of the price. This is the pattern that we see time and

time again at pet stores, and that is how we got Grady.

Because a concerned and responsible kerry owner ID’d this pup and worked

with Foundation Rescue as our “watchdog” on site, Grady (now almost 5 mos.

old) has just joined a wonderful Kerry-savy forever family in Connecticut.

They write:

“…Grady is truly a Kerry – he’s so spunky – and what a joy he is!! I’m so

happy that he was rescued from that pet shop!!! Thanks again! I’ll keep

sending pics of this precious fella!”

Please, when you are in a mall with a pet store that sells puppies, take a

moment to ensure that there is not a Kerry there. Don’t buy any supplies

from stores that sell pups and in a friendly but firm manner, let them know

why you will not patronize their store.

Carol <[email protected]> wrote:

Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2006 18:15:50 -0700 (PDT)

Just wanted to let you know that Grady is very happy here and is worming his way into Rosie’s heart, slowly but surely. They are so funny when they are
playing! Here are a couple of pics of them playing frisbee – of course, Rosie thought it was supposed to be “keep away” with both of the frisbees!
But Grady set her straight!

Grady’s a good boy – 95% housebroken – sleeps in his crate with no fuss. He’s great on the leash when we go for our morning walks. We finished up
the puppy food that you brought, Brenda, so I switched him to the Nutra Lamb & Rice puppy food – he doesn’t seem to be fattening up very fast –
but I’m sure he will. He has a full set of beautiful adult teeth now! 

Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 09:05:33 -0800 (PST)

From: Carol <[email protected]>

Subject: Merry Christmas from Grady!

Grady just wanted me to send you his lastest picture to show how big he is getting – almost 20 inches and still growing! Much bigger than Rosie. He also
wanted me to tell you that he graduated from school and was a good boy and learned lots of things and met some good friends. We’re sending a picture
also of his family friends that come and play with him on special occasions. He and Rosie are best buds now and play all the time. He gets to sleep
on my bed now and only goes into the crate when left alone. As you can see from the picture, we are still working of the ear setting – but I have confidence
they’ll be just fine once they’ve been up for more than a couple of days!!

What a joy he is – and such a clown! and so loving! I was blessed when he came into our home!

Thanks again – and have a wonderful Holiday and a very Happy New Year!!


Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 11:52:20 -0700 (PDT)

From: Carol <[email protected]>

Subject: Grady Update!

To: Tracey Fulmer <[email protected]>

Hi Tracey! It’s really hard to believe that Grady has been in our family for almost a year now. It seems like he has always been part of our lives! He
had a great winter and in true Kerry fashion, loved romping in the snow and catching snowballs! He is my faithful companion, following wherever I go.
I think I’ve solved the car sickness problems for both Rosie and Grady – I bought a Toyota Rav 4 so they have have a space of their own! Ha! But they
seem to be happy just curling up in the back and taking a snooze whenever we travel places. He also goes to a great doggie day care place right around
the corner from me. The owner actually calls ME to see if Grady can come over to play with his friends! Pretty funny – ! He really livens up the place!


Well, I’m attaching a couple pics of our Grady and Rosie – Grady isn’t fond of the camera pointing at him, so his tail isn’t up in any of the pictures.

From: Carol 

Subject: Update on Grady – Adopted 2006

Date: November 30, 2009 2:29:02 PM PST

I just wanted to let you know that Grady has turned into a fine young man – very
handsome and extremely loving. During my recouperation time he stayed in his spot on my bed beside me – he never moved – and this from a Kerry that
is so full of energy at all times I sometimes refer to him as my A.D.D. puppy! He’s such a clown and a wonderful companion – not that Rosie isn’t,
but she is more interested in watching traffic drive by or chasing squirrels. Almost every weekday I watch my daughter’s one year old lab – so Grady
and Ellie play all day long. It’s hysterical to watch them tease and chase each other around the back yard.

Funny story – Grady was in terrible need of a haircut when I was so ill, so not knowing anyone around here who knows how to groom a Kerry, I made an appointment
at PetCo. The groomer said – “I love Kerry Blues and I’ve never had an opportunity to groom one”. I dropped him off before my radiation treatment and
then picked him up in the afternoon!

Yikes – Grady was shaved to the bone! The only thing the guy left on him was his beard! Poor Grady sulked for two days – and it was really hard not to
laugh at him! Needless to say, we’ve never gone back to PetCo for a haircut!

I thank my lucky stars that has Grady come into my life – he has brought me so much happiness! Thank you again!

Here are the latest pictures – he is so much taller than Rosie, silky blue coat and bright brown eyes – at his latest checkup the vet said he had
the body of an athlete!

Carol Smail (Mom of Rosie & Grady)

From: Carol

Subject: Update on Grady – Adopted 2006

Date: December 3, 2014 7:33:02 AM PST     

Grady has asked me to send along this picture of him with some of his friends. It’s hard to believe that he came into my life in 2006 from the KBT Rescue.
What a sweetheart he is! We wish you all a merry Christmas!


This little girl is losing the only home she has ever known due to a family crisis. The Kerry Foundation is looking for a loving home who will make sure
Misty receives the same attention and care she has had all her life.



Misty is 10 years old, going on 5! She is very active for her age, plays ball, catches frisbees, and remains the silly clown she has always been. In her
younger years, she was shown in conformation, and competed in both obedience and fly-ball. Her athleticism is carrying over into her senior years and
keeping her young.

Misty is well socialized with other dogs and kids, as she lives with a male Kerry and 6-year-old twins. She is untested with cats. This is a loving, affectionate
girl who is crate-trained, easy to teach tricks to, and fun to have around. She is in excellent health and has never had any medical condition or injury.
Her only issue is occasional submissive urination, triggered when the kids scream in play or when strangers reach for her. It is our hope that, once
removed from the emotional upheaval in her current home, her confidence will return and this behavior will stop.

We are looking for a home with a fenced back yard, where someone is home during the day, and where she will be loved and cherished for the rest of her
life. We are also looking for a family who recognizes how special an older Kerry is, and how much they have to give. Misty is a treasure waiting to
be found.

To be considered for Misty, you must live within driving distance of eastern MI, and complete our Adoption Questionnaire. Then contact:

Janet Joers, Rescue Director

P.O. Box 1495

Solvang, CA 93464

[email protected]

16 Apr 06



I am Betsy Chapman from Tampa, Florida. I just wanted everyone to know that the rescue Kerry named Divot has moved to Tampa and has changed his name to
Erin (it means Ireland). He lives on a lake where there are lots of ducks to chase and a paddle boat to ride in across the lake ( it is only 14 acres)
He is learning so fast we can hardly keep up with him. He has a rottie and yellow lab “cousins” who come over to play and he visits his friends Cody
and Cedar, the black labs next door. We even lifted him over the fence for a play-date. His foster Mom, Brenda Gallops who lives in Georgia and I talk
almost daily. She was foster Mom to Logan and now that Erin has a permanent home with us, is getting ready to open her home to a new foster love. He
is now wearing one of the new Kerry Foundation collars (green with shamrocks and kerries) He sleeps on the foot of our king sized bed. He is on a regular
schedule and follows us everywhere. He naps next to my feet at the computer, sits with Al in the recliner chair and plays on the futon with his stuffed
hedgehog in the spare room that we made out of the carport. I sent several photos to Diane Ewing and she will publish some at a later time. I will
send some more of a “more settled” Erin. I wanted a rescue dog that had been given the opportunity to stay in a home with lots of other Kerries so
he would learn how to start to heal from his awful past in the puppy mill. Brenda and her seven (some champion) gave him that chance. Thanks Brenda.
Sometimes Al calls Erin “my Braveheart”, because you can almost see him decide to challenge his fears and then you see him turn around and come back
to face them. It is very exciting. Thanks to everyone who participated in these rescues.

Sincerely, Betsy and Al Chapman, Tampa

Fitzgerald, Now Marley, 2-year-old male

Fostered in Southern California

Contact Rescue Coordinator: Janet Joers  

Fitzgerald came to us looking like a mop from a Southern California animal shelter that had picked him up as a stray. Lucky for him, he found his way to
Kerry Foundation Rescue, and is now safe and sound, clean and groomed, and happy in foster care.

Fitzgerald is a very friendly boy, who loves to play with his Kerry housepals, stealing their toys, then bounding away! He gets along well with a very
mellow, good-natured male Kerry, as well as a dominant female who doesn’t always appreciate his attentions. He entices her to play, but will back off
if she tells him to. With people, Fitz is very loving, and soaks up attention like a sponge.

This boy is in excellent health, neutered, and microchipped (by us). He is intelligent, comes when called, and learns quickly, including how to use the
doggie door. Fitz is an active, alert dog, keen on adventures–such as scooting through an open door, or jumping on high places to investigate the
view–so will need a securely fenced yard to keep him safe, as well as leashed walks every day to keep him mentally stimulated. Given his intelligence
and athleticism, he would make a promising candidate for agility training.



7 June 06

Fitzgerald becomes Marley

These photos were taken on the day Fitzgerald met his new family. Since that happy day, Fitzgerald, now named “Marley,” has made himself at home, investigated
the neighborhood, greeted every friend and neighbor with enthusiasm, and has even gone to work at the local university–in the archeology department!
(What better course of study is there for a Kerry?)


Fitzgerald says good-bye to his Foster Dad, Pasquale Goglia (left), who transformed him from a “mop” found at a shelter into a beautiful Kerry Blue.







Liam (LEE um) was rescued by the Kerry Foundation when his owner died and he had no place to go. He was retrieved from a kennel where he had been shaved
to the skin due to a matted coat. Since then, he’s grown some hair, put on needed weight, learned how to play with toys, and turned on the charm!

Liam is 2 years old, going on 3, neutered, microchipped, and in excellent health. He is on the small side for a Kerry male–34 lbs.–and is a lovely silver
blue. He is an extremely affectionate boy who loves to cuddle and give kisses, and is friendly and playful with everyone he’s met in foster care. He
has not, however, been around children. Although on the dominant side, he plays very well with other dogs and enjoys their company. He is fascinated
with the household cats, barking and play-bowing, and licking them up and down when given the chance, indicating that in homes with patience and experience
with proper introductions, he could in time be integrated with a family cat.

This is an active dog with an energy level typical of his age and breed. He is full of fun and love, with personality plus! He lives for his daily walks,
car rides, playtime, and cheeseburgers (not too many of those, please!)! He knows his basic obedience commands, listens well, and is completely house-trained.
In short, Liam is a super dog and will make someone a wonderful companion.

The best home for Liam is one where he will get oodles of love and attention and be part of an active family. He needs a fenced yard where he can
run and play to his heart’s content, and family activities that will keep him mentally stimulated, well socialized, and physically fit. He is sweet
little guy, willing to please, and deserves a warm and loving forever home who will love and appreciate him.

15 May 06

From: [email protected]


Date: December 26, 2006 10:45:08 AM PST

After reading the wonderful stories of the KBT rescues who have found homes and are flourishing under much needed TLC, I wanted to drop a line and let
everyone know how our little rescue guy is doing. We adopted Liam O?Sullivan. In his previous life, he was an underfed; under socialized, shaved down,
little guy whose name was Sean. To me, he was never a Sean ? so I renamed him Liam O?Sullivan and he responded to his new name from day one. I am so
proud of Liam and how he?s grown. Not only has he gained weight and but muscle tone too. When we first got him, he had so much loose skin with no elasticity.
Now ? Liam?s a meaty little guy with not nearly as much loose skin as what he used to have. It?s amazing to see where he started from ? being a complete
outsider and having no idea how to interact with other dogs and the majourity of people, to now where Liam has become an integral part of the pack
and quite the little lover boy ? a virtual social butterfly. He loves his sisters and brothers, and has especially grown quite attached to his sister,
Mollie. We call them the Wonder Twins because they tend to work in tandem ? what one does, the other has to do, what one gets, the other has to get.
LOL. Liam?s coat is gorgeous and rivals in thickness, colour and curl to my brother?s pick of the litter he got from a breeder. It?s a beautiful silver
blue and it?s extremely thick.

Liam has been such a joy!!!! All he wants to be is loved and when he?s not running around with the crew, he loves to be held like a baby, or snuggle up
against one of us when we?re lying down. We call him our little teddy bear. Liam has made leaps and bounds from where he started from. When he first
came to our house, he was very timid and afraid, now it?s as if he?s come out of his cocoon and is very sociable. All our family and friends love him;
and like any other KBT, Liam puts on a show around people and is always on his best behaviour.

On the whole we?ve been so blessed with all our dogs and having them in our lives and being able to keep Liam in our home has been the icing on the cake!

Thank you so much to the Foundation who let Liam into our lives ? we?ve been the richer for it!

Have a Happy and Blessed New Years!!!!!

Audra, Al, Bailey, Emma, Winston Churchill, Mollie & Liam O’Sullivan

From: [email protected]


Date: December 26, 2006 1:17:34 PM PST

After reading the wonderful stories of the KBT rescues who have

found homes and are flourishing under much needed TLC, I wanted to

drop a line and let everyone know how our little rescue guy is

doing. We adopted Liam O?Sullivan. In his previous life, he was

an underfed; under socialized, shaved down, little guy whose name

was Sean. To me, he was never a Sean ? so I renamed him Liam

O?Sullivan and he responded to his new name from day one. I am so

proud of Liam and how he?s grown. Not only has he gained weight

and but muscle tone too. When we first got him, he had so much

loose skin with no elasticity. Now ? Liam?s a meaty little guy

with not nearly as much loose skin as what he used to have. It?s

amazing to see where he started from ? being a complete outsider

and having no idea how to interact with other dogs and the

majourity of people, to now where Liam has become an integral part

of the pack and quite the little lover boy ? a virtual social

butterfly. He loves his sisters and brothers, and has especially

grown quite attached to his sister, Mollie. We call them the

Wonder Twins because they tend to work in tandem ? what one does,

the other has to do, what one gets, the other has to get. LOL.

Liam?s coat is gorgeous and rivals in thickness, colour and curl to

my brother?s pick of the litter he got from a breeder. It?s a

beautiful silver blue and it?s extremely thick.

Liam has been such a joy!!!! All he wants to be is loved and when

he?s not running around with the crew, he loves to be held like a

baby, or snuggle up against one of us when we?re lying down. We

call him our little teddy bear. Liam has made leaps and bounds

from where he started from. When he first came to our house, he

was very timid and afraid, now it?s as if he?s come out of his

cocoon and is very sociable. All our family and friends love him;

and like any other KBT, Liam puts on a show around people and is

always on his best behaviour.

On the whole we?ve been so blessed with all our dogs and having

them in our lives and being able to keep Liam in our home has been

the icing on the cake!

Thank you so much to the Foundation who let Liam into our lives ?

we?ve been the richer for it!

Have a Happy and Blessed New Years!!!!!

Audra, Al, Bailey, Emma, Winston Churchill, Mollie & Liam O’Sullivan

Terrance– 4-month-old male puppy

Fostered near Denver, CO

Rescue Contact: Mimi Karsh

A small black “fuzz ball” puppy who had languished for three of his five month life in a mall pet store window emerged with loving help from Mimi Wight
into the real Kerry Blue Terrier world on September 7, 2006. He had never been brushed or trimmed and though he didn’t look “Kerry”, there was no mistaking
his charm, curiosity and personality. He won over everyone he met in the first few days of his “new life”. He got along well on his initial car ride
and seems eager and ready to take on all the experiences of the new world!

Terrance, as he has been tentatively named, is looking for a forever home to call his own. He has spent his entire short life with other dogs so he
would feel at home as a second dog or relish the attention of being the only dog in a household. He has also met a sociable cat and was curious and
gentle with her. He would do best in a situation with someone home during the day, as he needs housebreaking and other puppy training and socialization.
Also, he probably would do well with children over about six.



Terrance is currently being fostered in Denver CO and is eager to begin his life in a forever home. His foster mom promises to post an updated picture
of him with his first Kerry trim.

From: [email protected]

Subject: [KBL] Murphy Formerly Known as Terrance

Date: September 22, 2006 10:31:05 AM PDT

Sometimes the wheels or rescue or rehoming move painfully slow and other times the stars are aligned just right and the process seems almost faster than
we could ever expect.

It’s hard to believe that just two short weeks ago on September 7th, I was walking out of a pet store with a curious but somewhat bewildered little boy
freed from a crate for the first time in his five and one half month life. Mimi Wight had spent weeks talking with the store owner to secure his release.
The next ten days where a blur of activity and adjustments for Terrance and on the tenth day of his fostering and in the midst of his first haircut,
the call came from Diane Ewing that a wonderful home match had been found. The following three days were consumed in the details of getting him ready
for a cross country flight to Virginia. Two weeks to the day in the rainy pre dawn dark, Terrance was placed in the hands of AirCargo for his trip
home…….a bittersweet moment indeed.

He had a wonderful welcome awaiting him at the end of his trip and attached is an excerpt from his new Mom’s email:

My daughter and her friends named him Murphy yesterday, and since I’d

like her to be especially attached to this guy, I think we’ll honor

their choice. I know Terrance holds a special place in your heart, and

I’m perfectly happy to have you continue to regard his real name as


When I got him home yesterday afternoon, my husband insisted I take

pictures of him and e-mail them immediately, so here are the very

first shots of Murphy/Terrance in his new home. The first is Terrance

checking out the front yard, and the second is him having his first

drink of water east of the Mississippi!

So many dedicated rescue people and Kerry lovers touched this boys life in such a short time and made this possible. Little Murphy, “may the wind always
be at your back”.

Mimi Karsh

Denver CO

From: [email protected]

Subject: Murphy in McLean

Date: September 24, 2006 7:27:09 PM PDT

A brief update on Murphy who celebrated his six-month birthday yesterday with his new family in Virginia:

Murphy is, by all counts, the most wonderful animal ever to walk the earth. He is gentle, playful, happy, adaptable, patient, and extremely handsome.
He has charmed everyone (on two or four legs) he’s met since arriving last Thursday afternoon at three o’clock. This afternoon we were walking in the
neighborhood and Murphy insisted on personally greeting the lady who was weeding her front garden, the nice man who was bringing his trash can to the
curb, and an elderly father and son out for their Sunday walk. Everyone asks where such a handsome well-mannered guy came from, so KBTF is getting
lots of grass roots (no pun intended!) publicity.

Last night Murphy mastered fetch in the living room with a soft frisbee, until a lamp fell over, and we had to spend some time convincing him all was right
with the world. We tried to play frisbee fetch in the front yard this morning, but there were acorns falling off the trees and little girls on tricycles
to distract him from his task. This evening my sister-in-law came for dinner with her two girls (seven and three), and Murphy played with them beautifully.
The little one shrieked in joy or fear–I couldn’t tell which–but Murphy never lost his cool. Completely exhausted, he’s now asleep at my feet.

When I get a chance, I’m going to take some more pictures, so you, too can oooo and ahhh over this handsome guy that is such a blessing to our family–thanks
to Mimi, Sarah, and Dianne.

Best wishes,

Kate Brinkley, John Brinkley, Maeve and Murphy

p.s. If anyone knows of a trainer in Northern Virginia who’s good with Kerries, please let me know.


[Buster was rescued and immediately placed with Jerol Gardner in FL. Buster was not posted on the web site.]

Thanks to a steady diet of dry dog food (YUCK) Buster has lost three pounds. We leave dry food out for him all the time and he regulates his feeding. With
canned food he would eat until he pukes, which he also does if we allow him too much water. We usually give him ice instead so he can’t gulp it down.

His weight loss combined with our slightly cooler weather has improved his interest in exercise so that he now wants to walk and walk. Actually walk and
track but we aren’t particular. He still does not think dogs are fit company but is really gentle with humans. He would let anyone in the house and
permit them to attack us at will as long as they do not bring a canine. We’ve not tried felines.

He does not bark. No watchdog here. We’ve heard him bark maybe eight or nine times and each time it was a solo bark asking for something. Well, okay,
demanding something but who’s counting.

He just had another large lipoma removed, this one too close to his urethra to let it remain.

His stomach is very sensitive. Don’t change his food, give him too much water, too many snackies, leave him at the vet (which we do have to do sometime
when our housesitter is not available) or he will throw up and get diarrhea. His digestive system is iffy at best.

We plan to go to NC to our cabin the last week in October and Buster is going to find he now has a fence so he can wander from the house to the yard
at will, weather permitting. He already loves the second floor screened porch.

He sleeps well. Last time we were in NC a bobcat screamed in the middle of the night and Bud and I sat bolt upright in bed. (One of us would have just
headed for home but that would have required going outside.) Buster never stirred.

He’s really a sweetheart.


Elwood, 3 1/2-year-old male

Fostered in Illinois

Rescue contact: Tracy Fulmer

Woody was an owner turn-in to a shelter, who released him to the Kerry Foundation where he is being fostered in a Kerry-savvy foster home. His foster family
keeps asking why in the world anybody would give up such a fabulous dog! He’s a delightlul Kerry Blue, 3 1/2 years old, recently neutered. He is sweet,
loves to cuddle, and thoroughly enjoys laying on his back for a belly rub (if you’ve got a few hours for those belly rubs, he will happily stay in
position!). Woody is fully housetrained and walks beautifully on a leash. He’s clearly had some obedience training and knows basic commands.

The only problem that was reported by his previous owners is that he has separation anxiety. Apparently Woody was not crated when the owners went away,
which is a must to make him feel more secure and to avoid any damage to the home. He will need some simple positive reinforcement to make him more
comfortable and secure in his crate, but this seems like a pretty simple solution for a pretty awesome dog.

Woody is good with other dogs, although not particularly interested in them. He would be fine as a single dog or in a home with another dog, as long as
you aren’t looking for a playmate for a fellow canine. He’s mildly interested in cats, but would likely do fine if introduced to them properly, e.g.,
not allowed to chase them. Typical of a Kerry, he is also a good watch dog and will alert you if something is amiss, but is not a gratuitous barker.
Although untested with children, given his mild, gentle temperament, he would probably be fine with children over 5.

Woody is up to date on vaccines and was well cared for in terms of vetting by his previous owners. He is quite a catch for a family looking for a wonderful
Kerry companion.




28 Aug 06



Elwood (R), two months later at his new home:

Bria–11-year old female

Contact Rescue Coordinator: Dianne Ewing



Bria was rescued by the Kerry Foundation when her owner could no longer keep her. We are looking for a loving home who will make sure that Bria will
receive the care and love she deserves.

Bria is 11 years old, and in remarkably good health for her age. She is eager to go on walks and loves to ride in the car. She happily greets people
and loves an occasional game of tug o’war. It’s not unusual to see her walking through the house with a squeaky toy in her mouth wagging her tail.
She’s a beautiful girl endowed a great Kerry attitude. With her zest for life, curiosity, and spirit, it is hard to believe that she is blind. Bria
suffers from Progressive Retinol Atrophy (PRA), a genetic disorder for which there is no cure. Yet in only one week, she learned to navigate her new
house and does remarkably well on her daily walks. She has adapted to her condition without complaint–a lesson we can all learn from her.

We are looking for a home that understands the needs of a blind dog (we will provide published information) so that she can be safe (she cannot do
stairs nor be left alone outside). Bria’s new family will have someone home during the day who is willing to invest the time necessary to play and
keep her mentally stimulated and alert, and where she will be loved and cherished for the rest of her life. We are also looking for a family who recognizes
how special an older Kerry is, and how much they have to give.

31 July 2006

Bria was adopted by Diane Ewing


From: [email protected]

Subject: [KBL] Happy Birthday Bria

Date: June 22, 2008 6:41:56 PM PDT

Tomorrow our rescue dog Bria turns 13 years old. Bria joined our family when her owner could no longer care for her and contacted the Foundation for help.
Bria was suffering from uveitis, a painful autoimmune disease in her eyes, when we picked her up and was going blind from progressive retinol atrophy.

We worried about a sick 11 year old dog leaving a quiet household as a single dog and joining a very large family with resident kerries. We discovered
she was a tough dog and age had done little to mellow her. As time progressed and there were no good homes (well, maybe one fraudulent application
that looked too good to be true) it was clear she would stay with us. As predicted by her veterinary ophthalmologist, Bria was totally blind within
5 months of her arrival and we refused to let her go. So we don’t move furniture, I have another good reason to yell when things get left on the floor
and we love her as if she has always been here.

Today, she is a gorgeous, very happy dog and is in perfect health. Her previous owner misses her and keeps in contact with me to make sure everything is
going well. Bria now spends time outside in the garden and enjoys the daily walks we call the “senior shuffle.” She loves the kids and the activity.
It’s funny to hear Skye, our parrot, say “good girl, Bria” because the rest of us know that Bria would eat her if she knew where to find her. My dogs
know full well her sight is compromised but her teeth aren’t so they give her a lot of room and respect as the queen.

Having a blind dog presents some challenges but nothing that cannot be overcome with patience and commitment. This year has been the year of owner turn
ins and too many seniors have lost their homes. And, of course, old age doesn’t come by itself so many have health issues. Please consider opening
your home to one of these precious dogs when they need help the most.

Happy birthday, girl. May there be many more.



Rescue Coordinator: Eileen Andrade

Karly came to us as a skeleton with a damaged eye. In the last two weeks she has been spayed, had the damaged eye removed, been treated for worms and been
put on a fattening diet. She is doing well accommodating to the loss of the eye and to gaining freedom and attention. She is proving to be a sweet
and loving girl. She frequently kisses, and can be a little busybody, but knows when to settle down too. Her foster home reports that she has quickly
learned to use the doggy door and does her business out in the yard. She loves being outside, though when left in the back yard with her foster family
in the front yard gardening she did bark in protest that she was separated from them. When commanded to stop barking she responds. Initially she didn?t
like being left alone in her crate either ? pounding on the door with her feet but she calmed down and slept the night through after a short period
of protest. She doesn’t appear to be used to riding in a car, they seem to scare her, but in a crate in the back of the car she settles down and tolerates
it. Loud or unfamiliar sounds startle her momentarily, but she rebounds from these too.

She has been eating very well and responds to her foster family immediately. She needs some work on leash manners as she tends to pull but not badly.
Other dogs and cats don’t seem to distract her. She was very interested in her new surroundings, exploring the yard carefully but always coming when
called. Now when she relaxes all stretched out on the floor, her tail vibrates in happiness. She spent Sunday afternoon happily ensconced on the sofa
next to her foster dad while he watched football, alternately napping and using her nose to demand pats. She doesn’t appear to have had much exercise
in the past. Her sit isn’t tight with her feet under her bottom. They splay out like a puppy. She has the energy and gawkiness of a new lamb or foal
and is delighted in her freedom and any attention you can give her. She will sit for her treats.

While most of us watch our weight to stay trim or try to lose extra pounds, Karly has been on a strict diet for the ten days in an attempt to put
some weight on her – cautiously, sensibly, but to cover those poor little bones. She is on a 3 meals a day plan, giving her a scant cup of kibble at
each meal supplemented with “Fatten Balls” in between meals. These are made from ground beef (raw) with oatmeal, molasses, egg yolks, and peanut butter.
Add a supplement powder of

lecithin, Vitamin B, kelp, malt and barley to this plan and you have Karly’s diet plan. And it is working!! While she is still thin Karly is already
looking sleek, her coat is shiny and soft and her surgery sites are healing.

Karly is going to be a wonderful companion for someone – the missing eye won’t hold her back at all and once her facial hair grows back in no one
will even realize it is gone. She has a gentle mouth when taking treats and responds well to men, women, and children alike.



Janet Joers

Rosie was rescued from an Amish puppy mill in Ohio when the farmer no longer wanted her and was planning to put her down. She arrived in our Rescue program
neglected, dirty, and with parasites, but has now been vetted, bathed, and groomed. She is a full sister to one of our March 2006 Great Ohio Rescue
girls (Bridget), and will never again be a breeding machine for a puppy mill. Today she is safe with the Kerry Foundation and awaits a loving home.

Rosie is 5 years old, healthy, and an extremely sweet and gentle dog. She is shy with people (especially men), but warms up to those who show her patience
and kindness. After several weeks in foster care, Rosie kissed her caregiver for the first time–a real milestone for a dog that has known nothing
but total neglect.

She is good with other dogs, including a dominant female Kerry who she follows around and stays close to in her foster home. She also does well with children,
and had no objection when a 10-year-old girl crawled into her crate! This soft-tempered Kerry will blossom in the right home and make a loyal companion.

Because shy dogs make the most progress when paired with out-going, confident dogs, we are hoping for a home with such a dog. A family where someone is
home during the day will be able to provide Rosie with the positive human interaction she needs, along with training and exercise. Love, kindness,
patience, and understanding–these are things every Kerry needs, but for a sweet little girl like Rosie, they will work wonders.


Here’s a picture of Rosie and her new buddy, Maggie at the home of Brian & Alyson Gibson in Burlington, Ontario.

Brian sends the following news to put as an update on her page.


Linda Grisley, Rescue Coordinator

Saturday, December 02, 2006 9:19 PM

Rosie had a good day. It will obviously take her a long time to trust us, but I am encouraged that she is taking the risks she has already. She will leave
her crate to snoop around, take treats off the floor when left for her and she is quite good at walking on a leash. I have to use a long training tether
when she is in the back yard as she won’t come to any of us yet and she has found a spot to get under our deck that I will have to fill in, I don’t
want to have to crawl under there to retrieve her!

The whole family is absolutely taken by her, she is such a sweetheart. I have difficulty imagining what type of life she had before to get her this frightened
of people.

From: Brian Gibson [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Monday, December 11, 2006 9:14 AM

Subject: One Week with Rosie

Just a note to update you on our first week with Rosie.

Rosie has had an amazing week, she has surprised us all. She is very comfortable with me and quickly warming up to the rest of the family. She will let
them approach her without running away and will, on occasion, approach them. With me she comes when she is called and is quick to roll over for a rub
on the belly! She has become my shadow, following me around most of the time I am at home or in the office. She has adopted a spot in my office where
she lies down and naps while I work. She is acting exactly like Shelby, my last Kerry, and is just the companion I had hoped for.

She is quick to give nudges with her nose to let you she is there and even the occasional lick on a hand or face.

She is getting along great with Maggie, who to her credit, is being very generous with her toys. We have had only one little snap, not sure who started
it, but that is to be expected and has not occurred since.

She has also started to do her “business” on the lead.

She has been to the vet and was given a clean bill of health and quickly won the hearts of everyone there! She is scheduled to be spayed this Thursday.
She will also have a quick cleaning of her teeth, although overall they were very healthy and generally clean.

Rosie was having what I guess would be some mild bouts of separation anxiety when we left the house. She would get quite anxious as we left and she would
soil her crate by the time we had returned. She has not done this on the last few occasions and hopefully she is realizing that we will be coming back.

I cannot express how happy we are to have Rosie, everyday she seems to take steps forward. Tracy Campanello has done a wonderful job of making the transition
from the farm to our house as easy for Rosie as possible. I realize that there will be times that she will seem to take backward steps, but I am very
confident she will live a long and normal life here.

Thanks again for all your help, we couldn’t be happier with Rosie.


The Gibson’s

From: “Brian Gibson” <[email protected]>

Date: Sun Jan 21, 2007 8:10:18 AM US/Pacific

Subject: Rosie

Just thought I would forward a couple of pictures and an update of Rosie’s progress.

She has come along very well. Finally warming up to the rest of the family. Still a bit unsure of my daughter, but will stay around and come to her occasionally.

Maggie and Rosie get along wonderfully, chasing each other around the yard. I am surprised how fast Rosie is, she certainly can keep up to Maggie.

Other than that she is progressing far better than we had thought and continues to give us all the companionship we had hoped.

As you can see from the pictures, snow has finally arrived in southern Ontario. I am not sure what Rosie had experienced in the way of playing in
snow before, but she certainly loves it now!


Brian Gibson

From: Brian Gibson [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: July-12-07 2:44 PM

Subject: Rosie Update


Just thought I would update you on Rosie?s progress.

We can?t believe it has only been 7 months since she came to us, we feel we have had her all her life. Now that Alyson and the kids are off for the summer
she has really become comfortable with everyone. She is no longer just my shadow and will follow Alyson around just as easily as me. She has even started
to be more generous with her kisses, something we never thought would happen. In fact Alyson was the most recent recipient of Rosie?s affection.

When Kyle or Breanne have their friends over she doesn?t immediately dash under the bed any longer. She hangs around and gives them a few barks and Kerry
attitude. She then leaves the room, comes back and sniff around. She will do this several times and will finally settle in one of the other rooms (the
teenagers are too loud for her; she is much smarter than we gave her credit for!!).

She continues to love playing in the back yard and she had an unexpected dip in the pool (we suspect Maggie our Lab/Border Collie pushed her in, but we
have no proof!).

I have attached a few recent pictures of Rosie in her favorite spot—-lazing in the sun by the pool.


Ribbons– 3-year old female

Fostered in Philadelphia

Rescue Coordinator: Tracey Fulmer



Ribbons is a happy, exuberant, loving Kerry. Purchased in a pet store as a puppy three years ago — likely an impulse purchase by somebody who paid too
much for a breed they knew very little about — she was then given away last year to a family with four young children, with little time for a dog,
and no yard. She is now in search of her third and final home. The Kerry Foundation rescued Ribbons, and recently, also rescued her mother and two
littermates from a puppy mill in Iowa.

Ribbons has a typical Kerry temperament and needs a terrier-savvy owner. She’s spayed, in good health, and LOVES people she is introduced to. She
is very good with children and would be happy in a home with children over 5. She is crate-trained for bedtime. She takes treats gently from your hands,
is very loving and affectionate. Ribbons is a muscular bundle of energy, looking forward to her walks and enjoying the freedom of her foster home’s
yard. A securely fenced yard is a must. Her foster Mom reports that if you give this girl a fenced yard and the possibility of squirrels, she will
self-entertain for hours. Her joy is evident as she bounds like a gazelle.

Ribbons needs to be the queen of her animal kingdom — no dogs, no cats, no little critters. The family who adopts Ribbons will be required to attend
obedience training (as with all Kerry Foundation dogs and adopters). Her foster mother has found her highly trainable as she is thirsty for a leader,
she’s a good listener and extremely willing to please. In the short time that she has been in foster care, she has shown remarkable progress in learning
self control. Ribbons has a strong prey drive and is reactive to other dogs, so that behavior will need some extra training attention and dedication
However, she’s already made real progress with her foster Kerry siblings.

Bottom line: Ribbons is a typical smart Kerry who needs sufficient exercise, and will quickly learn what is acceptable behavior, but will take advantage
unless given firm, consistent handling from a benevolent leader.

And of course, with a lovely soft coat, plush, black and silvery, this sweet gal just couldn’t be any cuter!


From: [email protected]

Subject: [KBL] Ribbons – ADOPTED!

Date: December 21, 2006 3:05:30 PM PST

I wanted to share wonderful news that Ribbons was adopted last weekend.

Ribbons is sort of like family. She is the daughter of Shelby (Shelbina Express #125) and siblings to Katie Drew (#116) and Katie (#117). I suppose it
was some good fortune that Ribbons actually made it out of the mill and landed in a pet store as a pup.

But unfortunately, as is often the case with a pet store purchase, she was never properly socialized with other dogs and then given away “free to good
home” before she landed in rescue. She needed a special family who could work with her dog issues and she found it: her new owners have plans for her
to compete in obedience. I’m sure her foster mom, Agatha Hughes, will share more when she gets a chance. Bless you Agatha, for doing all you did for
this wonderful little charmer.

Last year at this same time, we had a male Kerry (Maxx) who was also highly reactive to other dogs. For some reason, these Kerries that nobody wants really
touch my heart — you just hope and pray for somebody to give them a chance. Maxx was placed in a fabulous home (with an experienced dog trainer) right
before the holidays and earned his own lyrics to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. This year it’s Ribbon’s turn to be a Christmas success story. Here

Ribbons the Kerry rescue

Purchased as a pet store pup

Bounced around from one home to another

Everybody gave her up.

Enter Foundation rescue

Where she flourished in foster care

Agatha, her foster mommy,

Gave her hope and love to spare

Then one frosty December morn

Dear Ribbons found her home

This gal with a spirit so bright

Her family says she?s simply a delight.

Plans are that she will one day

Compete in performance events

A sweet Kerry once discarded

Will earn ribbons for obedience!

Tracey Fulmer in Newton, MA

And warming her toes, Bailey and Isobel

From: [email protected]

Subject: Pics of Ribbons

Date: January 14, 2007 5:56:33 AM PST

Ribbons is settling into her new home very nicely and was successfully introduced to the adopters’ son’s poodle. They did a wonderful job with that —
using a muzzle and slowly introducing the dogs over several days. She also adores the adopters’ granddaughter — and the feeling in mutual!




Maureen–Ms Mo

Maureen was rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri during Thanksgiving week.

On 21-Dec-06, she arrrived at her permanent home with Jan & Dan Simeone in Montana.

Our Christmas Puppy in the arms of her pj’d dad- she is a precious one! Our little Mo……..arrived safely after a very long day on Thursday. She left
Grand Rapids, Michigan on Thursday morning on a 10:00 am flight (ET), had to be there early for that flight………..was taken to the airport by her
fabulous foster parents ( The Cooke’s of Holland, Michigan!, oh how we are loving you guys!). Arrived on time in St Paul, MN but the plane had major
mechanical problems. After a 3 hour wait and see, it was decided that a new plane would be called in for transport of all passengers and little Mo……after
that arrived, the plane was on the tarmac for an hour and half……..being de-iced and in line for take off x 3 ( we were told this by the humans
on board, Mo shared nothing with us, except her incredible spirit and wagging tail). She arrived in Great Falls and was deplaned at 7:30 ( MT). We
were notified over the loud speakers our precious package had arrived and we could pick her up at the check in desk for Northwest Airlines.She did,
indeed, get the VIP treatment, as I spoke with many of her caregivers along the way! She came leaping out of her crate , into the arms of her DAD and
was quickly taken out to the park across from the airport…………she had incredible energy, even after a very long day! She pooped, she pee’d and
she smothered us with her licks and joy! The drive home was on her Dad’s lap………she was curious and loved the lights of our electric city……..and
finally arrived HOME to meet Sullivan and Rosie……..and they immediately played and romped in the frigid yard! YEAH………. She had a quick check
over at the Vet’s on Friday…..Karen ( no worms this time around, but will check next week again before her big surgery , teeth, spay , ears and NAILS!)

Mo has spent the last 2 days with her Dad and Sullivan and Rosie exclusively……and it is GREAT! She listens to his commands……..has even convinced
Sully that Dad is a good thing……and Rosie has taken on the ‘mother’ role of letting Mo know what is good and what is not! First chance for me to
snap a shot her with Dan, but we will dress up later for the holidays and take a picture under the tree, all 5 of us!

Today, sunday morning, 24-Dec-06, and all is well around here……I get to spend the day with my ‘pups’ and Dan and am looking forward

to Christmas morning with all of them……..

Am ever so thankful this year……….Kerry Blue Terrier People and Dogs Rule ——We are healthy, we are happy and we are thinking of you! YOU all made
the year incredibly wonderful for all of us…….we thank you and

wish you a safe and wondermos holiday……filled with Joy and Happiness……


Jan, Dan, Rosie, Sullvian and Little Mo


Mo is home tonight from her ‘affair’ at the vet. She is relaxing in the leather chair at this moment and remaining calm as she was instructed to do. She
is very smart, she is doing just what the doctor ordered!

She was spayed. She had her horrible teeth cleaned ( there are 4 that had to be scaled below the gums, with the hope of saving them), she had her ear hair
plucked, she had her nails trimmed, and yes, she was de-wormed for TAPEWORM, as we all knew she had, but did not show her last stool sample?????? She
is now fully licensed in Montana, one of our official dogs and you are all welcome to come and visit her anytime you desire, she is not going anywhere

Our vet, we call him Dr. Rick, thinks she is absolutely fabulous. He is amazed , as he was with Sully that for all she has been through she is sweet and
she showered him with licks, too. He checked her for her microchip, and found she has one, but I do not have any of that information in the paperwork
we received. He also noted a HUGE tattoo on her belly and actually thought she had been spayed previously because of the location of the tattoo. He
had his entire staff looking for a belly scar before even considering performing a surgery on her. She had not been spayed, but the tattoo lies right
next to scar now.

The tattoo is : BTM19.

She is absolutely precious and I know you will all enjoy this: She was so lethargic with me, she barely wagged her tail when I went to pick her up, but
she was up and extremely alert with tail wagging a million miles per hour when her DAD got home. They have something going on, the two of them and
I am thrilled! All of you ladies did a fabulous job of choosing a perfect pup for Dan, thank you , once again from the bottom of my heart!

Here’s to wonderful New Year and hopefully no more mill puppies —-I have a family that might be interested in KBT’s and have passed all the necessary
information on to them……..They LOVE Sullivan and have not met Mo yet, so we shall see…………

Thank you all……….Happy Happy Happy Holidays to you!


Jan Simeone


From Tracey Fulmer

Subject: Fwd: Pictures of Kelly (was Paul Motzenbecker’s rescue)

Date: December 27, 2006 4:44:14 AM PST

Yet another 2006 rescue story to add to the “new beginnings” page. Kelly was rescued twice, first as an owner turn-in that Paul Motzenbecker adopted not
too long before he passed away. She is now with an experienced Kerry lover who grew up with Kerries in Kenmare, County Kerry. She’s a lucky girl!

From: [email protected]

Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2006 11:14:47 EST

Subject: Pictures of Kelly

Attached are a couple of photos of Kelly. One is a Kelly solo and the other is of Kelly and my Dad. As you can tell, she is quite happy in her new home.

All the best in the new year.

Connie and Mary Gaine



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