2006 Magnificent 7 Puppies Born In Rescue: Olivia's Jamie

Jamie, like the rest of the Magnificent 7, is an absolute love. Smart, funny, and spoiled rotten. Almost as big as brother Teddy, some days it’s hard to
be certain which one is actually the biggest.

We play “interchangeable dogs”, so sometimes he is here, sometimes he’s with my son Brian. He gets along very well with cats, dogs, even humans.

You may remember John Doe & friends who live down the street from us. Jamie “escaped” one day, and ran straight to John Doe’s house. He was delighted
to find his friends outside, & visited with them until I could get my hands on him.

We have learned how he got out… Probably not the way we originally thought. The dogs that can leap up on top of a car, can stand on a berm in the front
yard, and leap the 6 ft vertical board fence. These are the same dogs that can open the refrigerator, open the screen door, open a desk drawer… It’s
probably contrary to zoning regulations, but we have put an additional fifteen inches of boards across the top.

They are the same dogs that can just melt you heart when they decide to be “cute”.


“Jamie, get down off the roof!”


From: [email protected]

Subject: [KBL] Jamie & Teddy of the Magnificent 7

Date: August 17, 2007 8:43:04 AM PDT

Jamie & I are doin’ good. – Took him to a local place for grooming. Young gal, had only seen two other Kerries, & they were there only one time.
(& she said they were not at all like Jamie in personality) I told her what to do, & other than Bernie or Candi, best groom he’s had – gorgeous.!
& She said he was very easy to groom, very ”kissy” but didn’t resist anything, quite cooperative. He’s a happy dog, getting better at obedience,
& pretty professional at charm. Lots of dogs here in town, especially on the beach, (& often unleashed – grrrrrrr) Neutered at 8 months, born
May 16th, he’s 15 months old now. He is developing a fairly strong sense of who & what he thinks is OK, & he is quick to respond.


Rita Lockwood Oregon


From: [email protected]

Subject: Jamie 10-05-07

Date: October 5, 2007 8:43:04 AM PDT

From: [email protected]

Subject: [KBL] Jamie The Brave (smile)

Date: January 10, 2008 9:18:07 AM PST

To: [email protected]

Our ancient little Seaside house is not well insulated, therefore recently I got an electric, radiant dish heater. For those of you not familiar with this
style, it is not hot to touch, buzzes & turns itself off if tipped over, & has a lighted base so it can be seen in the dark.

Last evening, getting ready for bed, I set the heater in the doorway to the bedroom & turned it on. Jamie was already in bed, & he watched it carefully.
It makes a very slight noise just before it begins to heat. I assume Jamie observed that the noise is an indicator that this strange thing is about
to glow & get very warm. He sat watching it, & growled everytime it clicked, & barked when it started to glow. I was in bed beside him,
reading, & assured & reassured him that it was ok, & that he is my good dog. As we became warm & comfortable (in our previously unheated
room) he relaxed & quieted down. Soon he was laying on the bed, fairly close to the heater, enjoying the warmth. Then I moved to go to the bathroom
– He quickly leaped between me & the suspicious alien object, eyes on the alien. He growled softly as I walked toward it, & stayed between
the alien & me. I put one hand on him, reached across him, turned off the heater & picked it up. He watched carefully, fully alert for danger.
I took the alien into the bathroom with me, & left it there for the night. My brave guard dog slept between me & the doorway all night.

Rita Lockwood

James Patrick Puppy, Guard Dog Extraordinaire

From: Rita Lockwood

Subject: Jamie & Teddy of the Magnificent 7

Date: June 6, 2008 9:33:08 AM PDT

Photo of Teddy & Jamie taken 05-Jun-08.

Jamie is wearing the harness. They are enjoying their time together.


From: Rita Lockwood

Subject: [KBL] James Patrick Puppy, our 3 yr old…

Date: May 16, 2009 1:33:08 PM PDT

Jamie is happily chewing on a bone, unaware that, because he’s 3 today, many people may think he’s no longer a puppy.

I had arranged for spectacular weekend weather, so it’s a beautiful sunny day.

This morning a motorhome full of people & bicycles stopped & unloaded right in front of the house. He was so excited! He had no idea they
were getting set for a bike race that starts here. He was convinced they came simply to greet him & wish him a good day.

Around noon we spent some time working in the garden. Well, I worked, he watched. Due to the sunshine, we’ll be in & out the rest of the day.

I believe the rest of the Magnificent 7 are as well loved & cared for as Jamie & Teddy, & I wish them & their owners many happy years.

Special acknowledgement goes to the Marvelous Ms Livvy, survivor of a puppy mill, who was just 3 yrs old a few weeks after they were born.

Rita Lockwood

Amity, Oregon 

From: [email protected]

Subject: Teddy & Jamie

Date: July 8, 2010 9:57:45 PM PDT


Teddy (left) and Jamie


From Rita Lockwood <[email protected]>

Subject: Addisons Disease

Date: March 6, 2011 4:22:33 PM PST

Jamie, of the Magnificent 7, has Addison’s Disease. He will be 5 in May, & has been very healthy until this. I’m writing because it caught me quite
unaware & the sudden onset was almost fatal.

A few weeks ago, on Saturday afternoon, we were at the dog park. He was

playing as usual, but I noticed he strained when he pooped. I picked it up,

it was harder than normal. Sunday he didn’t eat or drink. I though he

might be constipated, so Monday AM when vet’s ofc opened I called. We were

able to get in right away. Following exam, the vet said he wasn’t

constipated, no fever, didn’t appear to be unconfortable. He didn’t see any

reason to be concerned, but offered to do more tests if I was concerned. I

was! Xrays were very clear, showed no problems. Blood tests – we would

likely have results next AM. Jamie & I went home.

He still wanted no food or liquid, & became lethargic that afternoon. About

4:30 PM he vomited, nothing but bile, he staggered when he tried to walk. I

sat with him & watched as he grew very still & cold. The vet called about 5,

the results were back. Nothing showed up except specific potassium & sodium

levels were off. That suggested Addisons, & we discussed the steps for

definitive diagnosis, the disease & treatment. It’s rather expensive, &

must be continued the rest of his life. During the time we were on the

telephone, about 15 minutes, Jamie’s breathing became slow & shallow. The

vet agreed to wait until I could get there, I took him back, & left him at

the vets overnight for IV’s & whatever. He weighed 27 lbs. The next AM the

vet ran the Addisons tests, & I was able to bring Jamie home by about 3

PM. We got the resultsthat evening, & started the treatment next AM,


Monday morning I thought my healthy dog was constipated, he wasn’t, & a

caring vet wasn’t concerned by anything that showed in an exam. If I had

just accepted that & left, my dog would likely have died that evening or

ovenight. By the time he was showing obvious signs of distress, it was too

late in the day to have learned what we needed to do to save him. I can’t

really give you medical advice, but do know your dog, & give due weight to

what you know.

From Rita Lockwood <[email protected]>

Subject: Happy 5-Year Anniversary to the Shelbina Rescue Kerries!!

Date: March 26, 2011 12:19:33 PM PST

Jamie was recently diagnosed with Addison’s disease. I posted details a few week ago (above). He is responding well to treatment, currently weighs 33 lbs.
(up from 27 when diagnosed). He is a great protector, & is also happy, funny, sweet & very social. He has a relatively calm temperament.

From: R Lockwood <[email protected]>

Subject: Teddy & Jamie of the Magnificent 7

Date: September 19, 2011 6:10:27 PM PDT

Jamie is too heavy, but it seems to be a result of meds rather than diet. He is usually pretty happy, but tires easily. Can only tolerate short trips in
the car, but loves them.

Some of my neighbors are fostering two young autistic boys. Jamie is very good with the boys. He not only tolerates them, he interacts with them in a safe
friendly manner. It thrills me to watch.

 Jamie (left) and Teddy


Date: May 16, 2013

From: Rita Lockwood

Subject: Magnificent Seven

Jamie lives with me. You hear about him often. Of course he is the most brilliant, most beautiful, most loving, funniest, best, etc. etc. etc. To the best
of my knowledge he is the only one of the litter with a serious health issue. He had a growth on top of his head removed when he was a few weeks old;
but was basically healthy until February 2011, when he was diagnosed with Addison’s.











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