2006 Iowa Girls Rescue

2 Rescued, September 1, 2006

On Friday, September 1, 2006, the Kerry Foundation rescued two 2-year-old Kerry girls directly from a mill in Iowa–the last 2 Kerries he owned. This puppy
mill is now out of the Kerry business, and that’s very good news for the breed.

This rescue happened almost by “accident.” It came about simply by networking with other breed rescue groups, comparing notes, and identifying mills in
their state who had Kerries. Thanks to several local volunteers, we were able to negotiate the freedom of these 2 Kerry girls and whisk them out of
the mill to the home of a local Airedale Rescue volunteer. From there, they were cared for, vetted, bathed, and shipped to their foster families in
Dallas and Tulsa.

Both received a full groom on their first day in their foster homes–their heavy coats loaded with mats came off, and 2 pretty little Kerry girls appeared!
Temperaments are excellent, and health is better than what we’ve come to expect from the mills. They are better socialized with people than many of
our previous mill Rescues, and are quickly adapting to their new world in foster care. We got them out before any major psychological and physical
damage could be done.

Because this Rescue occurred on the eve of Labor Day weekend, in an area of the country where we have no regular volunteers, nearly every aspect of it
was problematic. It was handled exclusively by one of our Rescue Team members who wishes to work behind the scenes. Its success goes to her, and those
who supported her–Julie Written, our Transportation Coordinator, Connie Steckly of Wheaten Rescue, Mary & Steve Halstead of Airedale Rescue, and
our two wonderful foster families who opened their hearts and homes to these girls, Jerry Perigo and Dora & Roger Wolfe.

Jan in Santa Ynez, CA

Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation, Rescue Director








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