2006 Great Ohio Rescue: Gracie

From: [email protected] 

Date: Fri May 5, 2006 7:46:37 PM US/Pacific

Subject: Sierra update



Ohio rescue Sierra (now named Gracie) is doing well in Iowa. She has settled into her new home wonderfully and is loved by all. She has been to four
obedience classes and sits and stays (sometimes better for my two year old son than me but she still does it). Our greyhound and her get along great
– she loves to go on walks with him. Enclosed is a pic of our son and the two dogs enjoying the afternoon out!

Best regards,

Ann Garton & Gracie

From: [email protected]

Date: Sun Apr 30, 2006 5:54:24 PM US/Pacific

Enclosed are a couple of pics of rescued Sierra from ohio (now named Gracie).
Gracie has grown tons both physically and emotionally since coming to her forever home. Besides adding a few pounds to her figure she plays hard with
our greyhound Bandit and our son. She is doing great at our dog obedience class – sitting and staying while I walk about 4 feet away (she actually
takes commands best from our two year old son both sitting and laying down when he tells her). She has also decided that cats make ok house mates.
She enjoys her daily walks at our neighborhood park. She loves her lovies the most. How wonderful it is to be in ones forever home and family!

Thanks to the foundation and their wonderful volunteers in helping us adopt her!



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