2006 Great Ohio Rescue: Baylee

April 29, 2006

Greetings from Southern Arizona. First I want to say “Thank You” to everyone that was involved in the Ohio rescue and for giving me the blessing of getting
one of those precious puppies, and to Tony (Rieley’s Dad) for the role he played in making this happen for me… and special Thanks to Eileen and Jan
for giving me a “second chance” when things went badly in the first few minutes.

My name is Sharon Griggs, the happy new Mom of BAYLEE.(aka: Sally). Baylee came
from Ohio to Arizona on the 13th of April..I was so happy and excited to have her. I missed my Shitzu, JOJO that had passed after 15 years.. so there
was a big hole in my heart that needed to be filled. The more I learned of the Kerry rescue the more interested I became. I had lost the chance to
get several small breeds and felt there must be a special dog waiting someplace for me and I know when Heavenly Father closes a door, He will open
a window.. I just had to be patient… and it seems clear now that Baylee was meant to be mine… especially after she darted out the door when I tried
to bring her crate in….(so much for the myth of being afraid to go out a door). well, I nearly fell to pieces, I called friends, the police and everyone
I could think of and we all searched and searched late into the night. I went out again at midnight, and 3am and 5am and looked and called.. I think
everyone in my apartment complex knows her name, or the name she had which was Sally.. Many prayers went out that night for the safe return of my precious
little girl… and yes, God answers prayers. and things that are meant to be happen… so when I got the call the next morning from Animal Control
that she was found and safe I immediately went and got her.. some wonderful man had seen her picked her up and took her home to his back yard and kept
her until morning when he began calling to find out where she belonged.. I was so thankful, I didn’t think I had any more tears left until I saw her
and tears of joy filled my eyes and my heart… she was full of burrs and prickly things and looked a little frazzled and timid.. I wouldn’t even let
her walk to the car or the house… I carried her in and locked the doors.. she was my baby and I had her back…Well, here it is the 27th of April
and she is still with me and we are doing very well.

Baylee is so beautiful, the has the most beautiful coat, it just shines in the Arizona sun. I can’t wait for the blue to show. Baylee will be 8 months
old on May 3rd.. the only thing you might miss looking at her is her tail.. she doesn’t have one.. or rather it was just clipped so close you can’t
see one… it just blends in with her backside.. She is sweet, loving, and very smart.. and curious.. she is full of personallity.. since she is the
first Kerry I have known I may be preaching to the choir. I just love her.. she is my new best friend.. she has just found her bark this week.. and
she has a BIG one… beings I live alone I like it… I just need her to only use it in case of danger… and not when I am gone to annoy neighbors…
I crate her when I have to leave the house.. I hear her cry for a few minutes then she is quiet… she loves toys and to play… and CHEW.CHEW..CHEW..
my cell phone now has teeth marks.. my tv remote has teeth marks.. and my coffee table has a couple of chew marks.. Our potty training has been slow
going.. she has to be on a leash when we go out and she doesn’t want to go…oh, she likes to go outside… just not do her business outside.. that
is until we get back inside and she will go on a potty pad in my bathroom.. hopefully time will improve this.. she still is very timid of so many things…
sometimes when I am alone with her I forget she has issues she is dealing with.. then something will happen and she reminds me that it is going to
take time and lots of love to wash away the bad memories… she sleeps on my bed and I notice sometimes she whines and jumps in her sleep and I think
she must be having bad dreams..I will never understand how people can mistreat animals or children… there just is not a good reason.

My thanks go out again to all involved in the rescue and placement of these babies. Thanks to those that played an active role or gave a donation
or even said a prayer. May Heavenly Father bless you all with all you are in need of… I am glad to give Baylee a loving home and wish I could do
more, but I guess we all just do what we can and spread the word about puppy mills, I have told anyone that would listen for a long time that they
should NEVER buy a puppy from a pet store.

Thank You For MY Baylee Girl.. I love her so much and she has brought much joy and comfort to my life…

Oh. I guess I could tell you I have 1 daughter, 2 grand daughters (both married to Army men) and 2 1/2 Great grand children.(one comes in July), we
all live in different states..AZ, MI, KY, TX; and we are all dog lovers… between us we have 7 dogs and all but one are rescued/pound dogs..

my e-mail address is [email protected]

Love and Hugs.

Sharon and Baylee Griggs


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