2006 April Surprise Rescue: Murphy formerly Logan #1

May 7, 2006

Logan (#1) is an adorable Kerry puppy who is thoroughly enjoying life now that he has been released from the mill. ELECTRIFYING describes his personality
and playing ability. He’s the leader of a pack of 5 Kerries and a miniature poodle in his foster home–and he’s not afraid of any of them! He also
plays with the cats, is a super eater, and is learning house-training. This active puppy is small, like his sister Annie, and will most likely be on
the small side as an adult. Yet he is ALL Kerry and will make some lucky family a delightful companion!

Murphy, formerly Logan, went to his permanent home in North Carolina on June 15, 2006. These pictures are of Murphy in his new home.




Murphy & Bailey

Murphy & Bailey



From: Janet Joers <[email protected]>

Date: Mon Jul 24, 2006 4:14:54 PM US/Pacific

Murphy, formerly Logan (#1 from the April Surprise Rescue) is having a blast this summer. His family reports:

Murphy is doing just great!! He almost has the house training down to a science! Very rarely does he have a accident.

Took him out to the lake on Saturday and he went swimming and sailing. He was one tired puppy after that day.

From: Valerie Hetherington <[email protected]>

To: [email protected]

Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 2:05 PM 

Murphy is doing great. He is getting so big and just so sweet and such a little lover, he just cant seem to give enough kisses to you. Attached is his
graduation picture from puppy school, it is not really good but I am sending it anyway. I can honestly said he did not pass with flying colors, as
a matter of fact the instructor suggested we start over. He would lean everything so well and do all his tricks and commands but when he would get
to the class all he wanted to do was play and not pay any attention to me. Away from the class he is perfect. 

I wore him out yesterday out in the back yard in hopes that he would be too tired to want to play last night and I think it worked because he had to do
5 tricks in front of the class and he did!! Thank goodness!! He truly is a very sweet boy and we all just love him to death. Bailey if finally starting
to come around as well, he is giving her a little relief with the biting of her ears and beard!! Speaking of ears, we had to re-glue his ears because
when we took them down he looked like Sister Betrice. They should come down around the 10th of September. 

      Valerie Hetherington


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